Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Will Help Sami?

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EJ was gone but if those weren't his ashes in that urn, then where is EJ's body? Lucas was there for Sami and Allie and Paige made a bold move this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics, Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Kpatch from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to discuss where is EJ, Ciara's reaction to Hope's news and who was the most disappointing character of the week.

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Do you think Stefano has EJ's body…or a live EJ?

Nick: Hard to say! He could just have EJ's brain on ice ready to transplant it into a newer body at a moment's notice. All joking aside, he has EJ's body at the very least because the ashes in the urn are not EJ, and it's really just a matter of plot convenience how EJ the character comes back (if at all).

Kpatch:  I think EJ is in a medically induced coma or a similar state, just like Stefano did when he was holding Marlena captive all those years ago. So he’s not dead but he’s not roaming around either.

Christine:  I'm with Kpatch. He's somewhere and he's probably unconscious in some way. I really hope we get a EJ Sami reunion before too long. 

Paige sneaking into JJ's room while he was asleep. Sexy fun or over the top?

Nick: Weird, really weird, with a side of creepy. JJ looks great without a shirt though, so that needs to continue.

Kpatch:  Over the top for sure. She’s gone from virginal to over-anxious. It’s out of character. I am hoping that JJ was just dreaming and she’s not really there.

Christine:  Definitely over eager. That's his mom's house! She or Abigail could walk in at any time. Now I'm guessing Paige is going to feel hurt and dejected if he pushes her away. Ugh. 

What did you think about Will apologizing to Sami for the way he treated EJ?

Nick: It's pretty standard fare for Will at this point. Something bad happens, and Will apologizes with his behavior.

Kpatch:  Too little too late. It seemed kind of insincere to me, like Will is only sorry now that EJ is dead. Maybe this will make Will think twice before publishing stories like that. Or maybe his editor should give Will a real news story to cover — EJ’s death and its effect on the Dimera family.

Christine:  It's become a standard Will. First he's all angry, self righteous and judgmental and then he begs forgiveness. I'm really tired of it.

Hope told Ciara that she's divorcing Bo and dating Aidan. Did Ciara take it the way you expected?

Nick: I love little Ciara, she's going to be the perfect hellraiser in a few years time. She takes it the way I expected her too, she's young and she thinks in black and white. Aiden's conversation with her is wonderful too.

Kpatch:  Yes and no. I figured she’d be sad and I figured she’d be mad. She seems to have gotten over both emotions in 10 minutes.

Christine:  I expected her to take it worse but I love the actress who plays Ciara. She's got more range than some of the adult actors on the show. I also loved how Aidan took the time to talk to her one on one. He never spoke down to her and he respected her feelings. He even made her laugh. Ciara might benefit from having him around. 

Many people came to see Sami this week after EJ's death. Which one did she need there the most?

Nick: The first thing I thought of when EJ died was Lucas. I'm a huge Lumi fan, and I loved that no matter what they've been through they're willing to help each other out when the other is really hurting.

Kpatch:  I think she needed every single one of them. At a time like this, you can use all the support you can get.

Christine:  I'm with Nick on this. No matter who else they're with, no matter what happens, Sami and Lucas are best friends. I don't think they're meant to be together as a couple but they will forever be connected. I loved the scenes between the two of them this week. She needed everyone but she needed Lucas most of all. 

Which character was the most disappointing?

Nick: Paige - super weird what she did with JJ by crawling with him in his own bed.

Kpatch:  John. I wanted him to finger Teresa so bad!

Christine:  Abigail. She was so shocked when Ben mentioned his father used a belt on him. Ben's been pretty clear that his father was abusive. He and Jordan changed their names and ran from city to city to get away from him. What did Abigail think happened…Clyde spoke mean to them?

What was your favorite scene of the week?

Nick: Lucas comforting Sami. Be still my Lumi loving heart.

Kpatch:  There were some great scenes this week, and not just the scenes surrounding EJ’s death. Still, my favorite scene was on Friday when Lucas was there to support Sami and Allie. It felt right.

Christine:  Allie asking Lucas to be there for her brother and sister the way EJ was there for her. That scene broke my heart. 

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