8 Perfect-Scoring Routines from Dancing with the Stars

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There's less than a week until the finals on Dancing with the Stars Season 19! The four couples that will dance in the finale worked harder than anyone this season, and they all deserve a chance at the Mirror Ball Trophy.

Those four couples are:

  • Janel and Val
  • Bethany and Derek
  • Alfonso and Witney
  • Sadie and Mark

And fittingly, these couples were the only ones to dance perfect-scoring dances this season -- quite a feat!

The perfect scores came early in the season, too. Both Janel and Bethany earned perfect scores on Dancing with the Stars Season 19 Episode 5, only Week 3 of the competition.

Alfonso also earned a perfect score early on. His Jazz routine on Dancing with the Stars Season 19 Episode 6 wowed the judges and the fans -- and it even included the iconic "Carlton Dance."

As for the particular styles of dance, Jazz was certainly the most popular, but the couples also did well with Contemporary and Paso Doble. And the Trio routines in Dancing with the Stars Season 19 Episode 11 weren't so shabby either.

So which dances earned a perfect score of 40 this season, and which couple earned the most perfect scores? Check out the photos above for a look at all 8 perfect-scoring dances!

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