Days Of Our Lives Round Table: Who Is Leaving Salem?

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It was a big week on Days of Our Lives as we watched Sami leave Salem, Will leave Sonny, and Jennifer cut ties with Daniel.

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Melly and Mikey from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to discuss Jennifer telling Daniel he can't see her kids, Will taking Ari and leaving Sonny behind, and who had the best goodbye scenes with Sami on this week's Days of Our Lives. 

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Did Jennifer have the right to ask Daniel to cut ties with her kids?

Nick: Jennifer is so self-righteous, and no matter what happens she always thinks she’s in the clear; I can’t believe I’m about to defend Daniel-freaking-Jonas, but the truth of the matter is Jennifer’s kids would rather reach out to him than go rushing to Jennifer for advice and help. Quite frankly, Jennifer should be happy that Daniel is willing to help even though their relationship is dead. 

Melly:  NNNOOOOO. Jennifer's children are adults. They can be friendly with anyone they like. Dr Dan is a well-respected member of the community--not a mafia boss, a drug lord, or alcoholic. Jennifer has nothing to object to in Dr Dan, even if she had a right to object. If JJ and Abigail want to see him, they can. Period.

Mikey:  I can't decide. On one hand, Daniel did dump her for having the gall to question whether he's perfect, so she has every right to tell him to stay far away. On the other, she's become a judgmental shrew and her children are adults. Can we just put the two of them on a bus and drive it off a cliff?

Christine:  Absolutely not. Her children are adults and she has no right to tell them they have to break ties with someone just because her relationship is over. When she demanded that Daniel stop being their friend she sounded like a selfish, judgmental shrew. 

Do you hope Jennifer and Daniel will reconcile or would you prefer this to be the end?

Nick: This terrible coupling needs to be put down. It’s never worked, and the incessant need for drama between them only sours their already lackluster chemistry more so.

Melly:  The end. For the love of all things good and holy and Alice Horton...let this be the end.

Mikey:  I want this to be the end, because they bring out the worst in each other and are constantly reduced to these middle-school misunderstandings and arguments. But I'm worried "the end" means we'll have to listen to everyone and their mother wringing their hands over this Great Love for another six months.

Christine:  Kill it. Kill it now. I think there was a time these two were cute together but it was for so short a time, so long ago that I can barely picture it. Now they're simply painful to watch. Please make it stop.

Over the last two weeks, who had the best goodbye scene with Sami?

Nick: I really, really enjoyed the scenes between Sami and Kate of all people. As much as I loved the Lumi flashbacks, the Kate and Sami flashbacks were even better. Kate and Sami’s friendship angle has been so much fun to watch compared to being at each other’s throats all the time. 

Melly:  I've enjoyed the good-byes...but it's always Lucas for me. He and Sami just have a very special, weird and wonderful relationship! Kate and Nicole tied for 2nd place on the good-byes. 

Mikey:  This is tough to answer, because Sami's goodbyes were some of the best material on this show in a long time, but I'm gonna go with Lucas. They did such a great job playing up their history and the characters' friendship. Her scenes with Kate rate a close second, though!

Christine:  All of the goodbyes were wonderful but I'm going to go with Kate and Sami. Sami was so young when she started going toe to toe with Kate and over decades of fighting they've learned to respect one another. It's been great fun to watch that transition.

Will is taking Ari and moving to Hollywood for six months. Your thoughts?

Nick: Let Will stay there. It’s absolutely atrocious that he’s willing to take his little girl and himself away from his husband. It seems Will’s only dynamic with Sonny now is that he’s being held back in his career. At every turn Sonny has put his own ambitions aside in favor of supporting Will, and seems to get burned every time. Here’s hoping Sonny has a steamy affair with a man who appreciates him.

Melly:   I am appalled that he's leaving Sonny! My only hope from this storyline is that Will returns a more mature writer, a better father, and a more supportive spouse. And a little common sense sure wouldn't hurt anything, either.

Mikey:  With any luck, Sonny will actually do something fun while Will's gone. I suspect this time apart is going to make both of them realize that they settled down too fast. 

Christine:  If Will comes back (and I don't really care if he does), I hope the character is recast. I was more than willing to give Guy Wilson's version a shot but I never felt he clicked with the role and since he's started the writer's have turned Will into someone who is selfish, immature and clearly not worthy of Sonny. But if Will stays in California I'm more than happy to watch Sonny move on to someone new and become more of a Kiriakis and less of Will's unappreciated caretaker.  

Who has betrayed Brady the worst, Theresa, Kristen, or John?

Nick: John, I understand John’s intentions, but when the truth came out John’s secret hurt Brady the most.

Melly:  Talk about your three-way ties... I don't know if I can pick. I think Kristen is the worst CHARACTER, but I'm not sure that her betrayal of Brady is any worse than Theresa's or John's! If Brady's smart (ha!), he'll just chuck all of them out of his life. 

Mikey:  Theresa! She used him for his money, enabled his addiction, conned him into marriage, nearly killed his father, and was content to let him believe he'd done that to John. John's plan never made much (any) sense to me, but he had Brady's best interests at heart. Kristen has, in her own twisted way, been the most loyal to Brady.

Christine:  I'm with Nick on this one. John because he's Brady's father. Brady should be able to trust him and instead, John was willing to let Brady believe he'd bashed in his skull and left his dad in a coma for weeks. I don't know how they come back from that. 

Which character disappointed you the most?

Nick: Jennifer and her self-righteous idiocy.

Melly:  My biggest disappointment probably has to be Will. I haven't been a fan of the way the character's been written in the last few months, but leaving his (technically still newlywed) husband for six whole

Mikey:  Kristen, by befouling herself with Daniel! I don't care if they stopped or not -- it was still gross. If there was any lingering doubt that she's a complete lunatic, this was the confirmation. 

Christine:  Oh, so many to choose from this week. I think it was Will thinking nothing of picking up his daughter and leaving his husband behind. Worse yet he acted like it was no big deal and if Sonny voiced his dissent he'd be holding Will back from a great opportunity. Will also didn't seem to care that Ari might truly miss her other Daddy. It was all just incredibly selfish and disappointing. 

What was your favorite scene of the week?

Nick: Sami’s goodbye, I sometimes loved her and sometimes hated her, but she was always fun to watch. Seeing those flashbacks also made me think of watching the show with my mom.

Melly:   Lucas and Sami...of course! Someday...these two will get back together and my little Lumi heart will just burst with happiness!

Mikey:  There were so many great Sami scenes that it's hard to choose. If I have to pick, it was her talk with Lucas earlier in the week where she told him, "I'll never have a better friend" and Lucas responded, "Neither will I." I was in tears!

Christine:  The flashbacks of Lucas and Sami. They were so very young when they started on the show and those early scenes were sweet to see again. 

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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