The Originals Sneak Peeks: Grilling Cami, Torturing Elijah

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Among other pressing topics, The Originals Season 2 Episode 6 will ask two important questions:

  1. Can Cami trust Vincent, her faculty advisor?
  2. Can Elijah withstand Esther's torture?

The answer to the first question, of course, is a big fat NO; while we can only hope the answer to the second is yes.

In the following pair of sneak peeks from "Wheel Within the Wheel," we see Cami start to grow suspicious of Vincent, while Esther continues to make life very painful for her apprehended son:

Elsewhere on this installment of The Originals Season 2, a few dark secrets from Klaus’ past will be reeled, while Hayley will reconnect with Jackson.

The official network synopsis also teases a “surprising turn of events” that will bring Klaus face-to-face with a visitor from his past.

Who could it be? Let the guessing games begin as you click through photos from the upcoming episode:

NOTE: If you ever need to catch up on this CW drama, you can always watch The Originals online right here and now.

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The Originals Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Cami: So, how would you diagnose my friend Klaus, if I may ask?
Vincent: Well, he's clearly depressive, low self-esteem, paranoia, impulse control. Wouldn't you agree?

[to Esther] I'm sorry, is this some sort of motherly critique? Please feel free to choke on it.