Days of Our Lives Recap: My Favorite Christmas Tradition

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Days of Our Lives has my favorite TV Christmas tradition.  It's the hanging of the ornaments on the Horton family Christmas tree. Each year we get to see the names of all of the Hortons, young and old, near and far, with us and passed on. It's a wonderful way to remind viewers of all of that family history and a great way of reminding us of the importance of family traditions both on TV and in real life. 

Sigh…and every year, I love it, especially when it ends with the names of Tom and Alice Horton. For long time viewers, they are still missed. 

But there was a lot going on in Salem this Christmas and lots of presents to hand out.

First, Teresa who is most definitely on Santa's naughty list did needlepoint for her grandma Caroline. It's moments like these that make me think she's redeemable. The only thing about this that made me sad was that I was hoping that Theresa's mom Kimberly would fly in from LA for a visit. I hope she's on her way because having the actress come back but not having her in scenes with her TV daughter would just be a waste. Goodness knows Theresa could use some time with her mom.

Victor and Maggie were standouts. Victor tracked down a copy of a precious family heirloom that Alice had given Maggie decades ago to welcome her to the family but Sarah had broken as a child. Then Brady and Daniel somehow found Victor's mother's bible which had been sold to pay off his father's debts. It was all very sweet and wonderful to see Victor and Maggie look so darn happy.

Sonny went the Kiriakis Christmas eve celebration…alone. Whether it's conscious or not, it seems like Will is always coming up with ways to keep he and Sonny apart. 

Kate was quick to volunteer Marlena to stay home with sick baby Ari and even though I had thought I'd stopped caring, I was glad when John showed up. If John and Marlena are going to get back together, let's actually see them together.

Eric brought Serena to the Brady pub on Christmas eve and there was Kayla's son Joey! He's not just a figment of our imagination. He actually exists! 

At the Horton Christmas celebration, Sonny got his own Christmas ornament on the tree and I found it telling that Lucas had put in the order for the ornament, not Will. 

Julie did her best to make things as uncomfortable as possible with the best of intentions of course. Between pushing JJ about his girlfriend Paige (and please let these two breakup for good!) or after being introduced to Ben, Julie tells Abigail, "What an improvement over DiMera's one and two." Julie has become that crazy aunt whom you have to brace yourself for what she's going to say. 

Aiden and Hope had the most romantic holiday despite several obstacles. First Doug had a meltdown upon finding out about these two dating.  Julie certainly did a number on her husband. The woman knows how to cause trouble even when she's not actively trying. Hope was right, she's not a teenager and Doug's rudeness towards Aiden was uncalled for no matter what the circumstances.

The upside of the entire incident was how Ciara turned out to be quite the Haiden shipper. She defended Aiden to Doug and then made sure she got the two under the mistletoe. 

But my favorite moment was Ciara chastising Chase not to drop the box with the family Christmas ornament in this Days of Our Lives quote


Our whole family history is in these boxes.


Even at her age, she knows the importance of this tradition.

Finally we got to the hospital where Abe played Santa, Theo an elf and Abigail read the Christmas story and as she's Tom Horton's great-grandchild, that seemed very appropriate.

It was a very Merry Christmas in Salem this year. Tell me TV Fanatics, what was your favorite part.

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