Edward Herrmann Dies; Gilmore Girls Patriarch Was 71

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Edward Herrmann has passed away at the age of 71.

The veteran actor was best known to television viewers for his long-term role as Lorelai Gilmore's father, Richard, and grandfather to Rory on Gilmore Girls. 

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As Richard Gilmore, Herrmann played the softer side of Lorelai's parents, as his wife, Emily Gilmore, portrayed by Kelly Bishop, towed the hard line for the girls.

Herrmann has a long and varied television career, appearing in shows such as The Good Wife, Grey's Anatomy and The Practice, a guest role for which he won an Emmy Award.

Herrmann was working as recently as a month ago on the stage. His family announced he was battling brain cancer and in the ICU for the past three weeks. After showing no progress, they made the decision to remove him from a respirator this morning.

You can celebrate his life by watching Gilmore Girls, which began streaming on Netflix on October 1.

UPDATE: Says star Lauren Graham via statement:

Ed Herrmann’s combination of pure charisma plus his distinctive voice lit up any room he entered. He had a gentlemanly manner, a wicked sense of humor, and a sharp wit. He was well-read, interesting, and just plain fun to be around. He had deep respect and love for the craft of acting and led by example.

You wanted to be better prepared, or just plain better, because he always was. He brought such humor and humanity to all his work, but I know the character of Richard Gilmore had a special place in his heart. He loved our show and was touched by the enthusiasm of its fans.

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