Hannibal Scares up Joe Anderson in Mason Verger Recast

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When we last checked in with Hannibal's Mason Verger, he was chopping off chunks of his own face under the effects of hallucinatory drugs (thanks Dr. Lector) and feeding them to Will Graham's dogs.

The next time we see him in Hannibal Season 3, he'll not only be sporting a new, radically scarred face, but a new actor will be behind the mask. Joe Anderson will resume the role of Verger from character creator, Michael Pitt.

Joe Anderson Image

Apparently Pitt requested not to return to the series and that's where Anderson comes in. It's a very opportune time because the changes to Verger's face will be all kinds of haunting – making the actor unrecognizable. 

TVLine not only reported the story earlier today, but shared an image of Anderson from his Instagram page in full makeup. Are you ready for this?

Joe Anderson Mason Verger

Hannibal Season 3 should be interesting for the character, as Verger's personal physician and caretaker will also be introduced, and he shares a lot of the same characteristics as his employer. Bring it on!

If you need a fix, you can watch Hannibal online via TV Fanatic!

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