The Best of 2014: Villains!

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These are the TV Fanatic staff picks for the best villains of 2014!

1. Gemma Teller -- Sons of Anarchy

Gemma Teller -- Sons of Anarchy
In a fit of rage, Gemma stabbed her daughter-in-law to death with a carving fork and then pointed the finger at a rival gang which sent her son on a horrifyingly violent quest for revenge. The body count piled up so high we lost count. Few people deserve to get shot by their own son but Gemma Teller makes that list.

2. Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold -- Once Upon a Time

Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold -- Once Upon a Time
When his son sacrificed himself, Rumpel swore he'd be a better man. Fast forward a few short months and he's continuously lied to his beloved wife Belle, ripped out Hook's heart and made deals with the Snow Queen that endangered the entire town all in order to retain his dark power. Rumpelstiltskin longs for a happy ending where he can have it all but his actions prove he doesn't deserve it.

3. Grant Ward -- Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Grant Ward -- Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Agent Grant Ward was a pretty bland character until the shocking reveal came that he was a double agent for Hydra. As a villain, he became MUCH more interesting and gave the entire series new life. His obsession with Skye is fascinating to watch and his actions, especially nearly killing Fitz and Simmons, have been unforgivable. In his warped mind he may have thought that he could earn back Skye's trust, but that probably changed when she shot him without hesitation.

4. Rowan Pope -- Scandal

Rowan Pope -- Scandal
Papa Pope is always one step ahead. He kept his wife in a hole, had the President's son murdered, tried to frame Jake Ballard and will kill anyone who gets in his way. Taking down Command is proving to be no small task for Olivia and company.

5. Hannibal Lecter -- Hannibal

Hannibal Lecter -- Hannibal
This year, Dr Lecter did pretty much every horrible thing that villains do. He killed Beverly Katz (then put her on display) and set Chilton up to be killed. He slept with Alana then drugged her. He set Mason Verger against his sister to forcibly abort her pregnancy...THEN got Mason to eat his own face. Then there was the time he served Abel Gideon his own leg as his last meal. Oh, and that other time he walked away from his house leaving 4 bleeding, dying people.

6. Malcolm Merlyn -- Arrow

Malcolm Merlyn -- Arrow
Malcolm Merlyn is truly despicable because he can turn on enough charm to fool everyone (viewers included) into thinking he's a good guy, just eager to get some semblance of normalcy back after losing so much. Then he uses his only daughter to kill someone to egg on Oliver because he's too cowardly to take on the League of Assassins himself. Oh I want to slap that handsome face!

7. Raymond 'Red' Reddington -- The Blacklist

Raymond 'Red' Reddington -- The Blacklist
James Spader imbues Red with such an incredible charisma that you end up liking him - despite Red's obvious depravity and utter disregard for human life when it suits his purposes. He is a master manipulator, twisting every situation to his advantage; though he prefers cunning and guile over brute force, Red never hesitates to use violence if it's necessary to achieve his goals.

8. Esther Mikaelson -- The Originals

Esther Mikaelson -- The Originals
First she turned her children into monsters. When she regretted her she made it her mission to kill her own flesh and blood. And we thought Victoria Grayson was the poster child for bad mothers! At least Esther has gotten her comeuppance now that her children have made her the very thing she hates.

9. Peter Hale -- Teen Wolf

Peter Hale -- Teen Wolf
Peter Hale is, admit it, pretty damn sexy. He's also funny. Adding those traits to an otherwise pretty nasty dude makes him really great to love. He always wanted family, but even after finding his daughter, he's still bad to the bone. He lights up the darkness on Teen Wolf!

10. Lemond Bishop -- The Good Wife

Lemond Bishop -- The Good Wife
Lemond has "graced" us with his presence since the very beginning of The Good Wife and, while we expected him to go to prison for his crimes, he is still a free man. Recently this season he has gone after one of our own, Cary Agos, which just makes us want him to pay for his many crimes and let Cary go free.

11. Fausto Galvan -- The Bridge

Fausto Galvan -- The Bridge
With his sloppy casual attire and his penchant for buying boats, Fausto Galvan does not conform to the typical image of a mob boss but he's a brilliant tactician and knows how to intimidate an enemy. As a childhood friend of Detective Ruiz, Galvan is also an everpresent reminder of the direction Ruiz's life might have taken in the show's morally ambigious world

12. Yvonne "Vee" Parker -- Orange is the New Black

Yvonne "Vee" Parker -- Orange is the New Black
The show might focus on criminals in a women's prison, but no one is as evil and manipulative as Yvonne "Vee" Parker. She's a sociopath who not only attacks and nearly kills Red, but also convinces Crazy Eyes it was her fault. Not to mention she nearly destroys Taystee and Poussey's friendship. Luckily she gets what she deserves when Rosa plows into her in the prison van! Good riddance!

13. Black Jack Randall -- Outlander

Black Jack Randall -- Outlander
From the moment Claire Randall was swept back in time to 1743 Captain Jack Randall was there to terrorize her. He's done horrific things in the name of war, but the joy he feels while torturing others makes this sadist a unique kind of monster. Black Jack has attempted to rape our heroine on several occasions and left her new husband, Jamie, scarred for life by brutally whipping him until he passed out. There are villains and then there's Black Jack, a baddie that enjoys every minute of the pain he inflicts.

14. Henry Parrish -- Sleepy Hollow

Henry Parrish -- Sleepy Hollow
The Sin Eater and one time ally of Ichabod and Abbie has proven himself to be a contemptible villain this season. As the Horseman of War, Henry has managed to even put good 'ol Headless in his place at times. This twisted follower of Moloch consistently exploited the love of his parents to get the better of them. Not to mention, Henry's got all of Sleepy Hollow ensnared in his pentagram. He's cruel and merciless yet as we witnessed in the midseason finale, apparently not as loyal to his demon master as we thought. Is Henry looking to take the top spot in Hell for himself?

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