Helix Cast Preview: Old Faves and New Faces

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I had the distinct pleasure of covering Helix Season 1 earlier this year here at TV Fanatic. It was a blast!

Though my excitement waned as the first season came to a close, the series is nothing if not unpredictable. The writers have completely re-invented the show for Season 2, making it feel like a reboot. The cold, sterile surroundings of the Arctic BioSystems base have been replaced with the lush jungle vegetation of a remote island.

Honestly, the two seasons could not be more different.

Flip through the slideshow above to get reacquainted with your favorite characters from last season and meet the new faces of Helix 2.0

It goes without saying that the mysterious Ilaria Corporation is still at the center of our story. However, our heroes are now dealing with a deadly new virus that makes the Narvik strain seem like the sniffles by comparison.

Out with the black-goo and in with the yellow spores that choke you to death. Nice!

When we last saw Alan he had abandoned the CDC to investigate Ilaria, while Julia embraced her role as an immortal. Sarah was pregnant with Alan's baby and the "Vector King" lived to fight another day. Actually, it's Peter that leads the team on their mission this time around. So, who perished in the Arctic BioSystems explosion? Is Hatake alive? You'll just have to tune in on January 16 to find out.

In the video below the cast of Helix talk about where we left off with their characters, and what each of them has to look forward to in Season 2.

Helix returns Friday, January 16 at 10/9c following the series premiere of 12 Monkeys!

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Helix Quotes

Major Sergio Balleseros: There are people in the Army, myself included, who are wondering if this outbreak was an accident.
Dr. Doreen Boyle: You think Hatake did this on purpose? Why would he do that?

Dr. Alan Farragut: This secure lab allows us to separate vectors from those who are just infected.
Daniel Aerov: Vectors?
Dr. Alan Farragut: It's what we're calling the infected who are physically attacking others to spread the disease, like Peter.

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