Days of Our Lives Recap: Is Clyde Really Dead?

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Will confessed  Clyde got shot, Melanie and Brady were caught in the act and once again all of Salem turned against Nicole on this week's Days of Our Lives.

When Damon shot Clyde, did anyone else notice the lack of blood on those gunshot wounds? So is Salem's hillbilly hustler really a goner or did he slink off somewhere to bide his time and make a shocking reappearance? If it's the latter then Victor needs to watch his back. 

Will confessed his sins to grandma Kate, the one person most likely to forgive him. I couldn't help but laugh when he got offended over Kate asking him if he was falling in love with Paul in this Days of Our Lives quote

You're insinuating that I am so shallow that I would fall in love with someone that I barely know.


Well, he's shallow enough to sleep with a man he barely knows despite being married but being accused of falling in love offends him. Will is such a mess. 

Then Will wanted to confess all to Sonny because the guilt was weighing on him. As much as I'd love to see Sonny learn the truth and dump Will, Kate was right. Confessing would only hurt Sonny when he's already at a low point. Will wasn't looking to make things right, he was trying to make himself feel better. 

Then there was Kate's most important question. Why did Will cheat on Sonny in the first place? He didn't seem to have an answer for that one and neither do I. Too bad the only therapist in town is his other grandmother because Will needs help.

Chad finally realized the mistake he'd made concerning Jordan and Rafe. Is he actually going to drop the charges against Ben? Will Jordan really give him another chance? And what was up with that phone conversation with Stefano where he seemed to be saying that Chad's master plan was to either get back with Abigail, make her pay, or both?

Eve and JJ's sex scenes were once again on replay as the two day dreamed about one another. So does Eve want JJ to leave town because she's worried Paige will find out the truth or because having him close is too much of a temptation? And how much fun would it have been if Eve answered Jennifer's question honestly about how she knows what JJ feels like?

Theresa had more nightmares and Clint called in updates to the evil Dr. Mandrake.  Until Kristen and the mysterious stolen baby turn back up in Salem, this story is a bit of a bore. 

Brady and Melanie finally left the house on a date, declaring they were going to take things slow. Then thanks to some ice and a puddle of water, they ended up undressed and making out under a blanket. Victor walking in was the only thing that stopped them…

Melanie: This isn't what it looks like.
Victor: Melanie, I'm not that old. This is exactly what it looks like.

Hope and Aiden barely got any screen time once again. Why is my favorite couple only getting a few scant minutes each week?

Finally there was the Nicole debacle. Why does everything always have to blow up in Nicole's face? We've seen Nicole on the losing end of so many story lines that it's become some kind of pathetic joke. 

What was even worse about it this time around was that we had to endure Daniel's self-righteousness, Serena's smirking and more of angry Eric where he once again told Nicole what a horrible person she was.  If it weren't for the hope that Saint Serena will eventually get taken down and ex-father Eric will be crushed in the process, I'm pretty sure I'd be changing the channel by now. 

Tell me TV Fanatics, do you want Clyde to a be a Clydsicle?

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