Days of Our Lives Recap: Will Cheats on Sonny!

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When Paul kissed Will, I kept waiting for Will to push him away and tell him he was sorry Paul misunderstood, but he's a married man. That never happened.

I can't tell you how much I wanted Sonny to open that door and find his lying, cheating husband on the other side. Poor Sonny was guilty just remembering feelings he had for a man from his past he once loved. Will jumped in the sack with Paul the minute he batted his eyes with him. 

There was no understandable reason for Will to cheat other than he's a shallow, selfish jerk and more like his mother than he'll ever admit. Yes, things had been a little rough at home but all married couples hit stressful times. Will didn't hesitate. He even seemed happy to go for round two before even mentioning that this shouldn't happen again…and never once did he tell Paul he was married. 

Sonny deserves so much better.  So does his mother. Adrienne confided in Lucas about Justin and I hope she's wrong about the possible affair. As much as Adrienne can annoy me at times, she deserves better too. Unfortunately this may end up being a strange sort of bonding moment between mother and son. 

Daniel and Nicole hit the sheets despite her prying into Serena's past. I thought it was great that Nicole shared her feelings about always being second best.  These two have always been friends and Daniel accepts Nicole, flaws and all.  Although I'm still not convinced they should be a romantic couple, I'm getting there. My only complaint is that they ended up in bed too quickly. Couldn't they have continued their conversation and made out on the sofa? That could have been playful and fun and gave fans something to look forward to in the future. 

I'm still not convinced about Brady and Melanie but they were comical as they danced around their growing feelings for one another. Leave it to Victor to come out say what everyone else was thinking in his own unique way in this Days of Our Lives quote

You're both acting like two squirrels in a bag. What the hell's going on with you two?


I don't understand why these two feel the need to get multiple family members' approval before they even go out on a date. I was relieved when Melanie refrained from confiding in Maggie and Brady kept his mouth shut around his father. And please, let them figure out this new stage of their relationship outside of the bedroom for a while before taking that step.

I can't believe I'm saying this because I've never been anti-love scenes on soaps. Generally speaking, I'm all for the hotter the better but Ben and Abigail may have cured me of that. Every other scene between these two is of them having sex. If they were a romantic couple I could root for, I wouldn't mind but I don't feel the least emotional connection between these characters which translates to a lack of emotional connection from me to their story. In essence, it's all sex and eventually even that gets boring.

Of course then there's Eric and Serena. As much as I'm tired of hearing Eric deliver the same lines over and over, (I can't do this. I'm not ready.), I'm so grateful he's not giving in to Serena's advances. That girl is just creepy. 

At least Theresa has become more likable. Her emotional state over the imaginary-but-not-pregnancy has me wondering if a pregnant Kristen will be popping back into Salem soon. But most of all I like Theresa when her sarcastic sense of humor has the opportunity to show through…

You are such a good person. Good people confuse me.


You know who confuses me? Kayla. Hope was absolutely right. Why would Kayla take such a hard stance on Aiden because of rumors she heard from someone she barely knew? I was thrilled when Hope called her out on it. 

Finally we get to Chad and Jordan. The truth is that Jordan is just a pawn in this story as things are ramping up to drag the next generation into the Kiriakis / DiMera feud. Unfortunately, Sonny's still pretty naive about his dear friend Chad. Thankfully it sounds as though Rafe may be coming on board to Victor's side of this coming war but I think we really need Philip to return to make this a truly entertaining fight. 

OK, your turn TV Fanatics, pick the best quote from this week's Days of Our Lives. 

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Days of Our Lives Quotes

Getting older is not for sissies.


Shawn-Douglas Brady: You know what? For the first time in my life, I'm glad that my dad is biologically a Kiriakis.
Belle Black Kiriakis: Why would you say that?
Shawn-Douglas Brady: Because, otherwise, we would be related. Your grandmother is a Brady, remember?
Belle Black Kiriakis: Oh, my god. I never even thought about that. Actually, that makes me more of a Brady than you.