Emily Kinney to Play a Psycho on Forever

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Emily Kinney has booked her first post-Walking Dead role.

The actress, who was killed off The Walking Dead Season 5 as Beth Greene, will appear on an upcoming episode of Forever.

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Look for the installment (the 16th of Forever Season 1) to center on a college student who gets involved in an intricate game of role playing, executive producer Matt Miller says explains, adding:

"She’s basically fulfilled someone’s fantasy that dates back to the 1970s, so she dresses up in 1970s garb, but she ends up dead.

"For Henry, he’s very easily able to connect to that kind of a story because he understands somebody that would be fixated on a moment of their past that they can’t get past. Emily plays a character that also falls into this idea of obsession. It’s all an episode about obsession and the things we can’t let go of. She plays a psycho."

This episode will also feature the return of Hilarie Burton’s dominatrix character, Iona Payne.

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