27 Damn Fine Cops & Detectives Who Can Arrest Us Any Day

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Getting stopped, interrogated, or arrested by cops usually isn't anyone's idea of a good time unless the sheriff's and detectives are like the ones we've seen on television.

You know, the caring ones who look damn good in a uniform. Most of the TV cops on this list solve crimes, take down the bad guys, and keep their fictional towns and cities safe from danger. Not to mention, they'd jump in to protect you without hesitation.  

We wouldn't mind getting arrested by these men and women in uniform, just don't get on their bad side unless your goal is to end up in handcuffs.

Budd - Bodyguard

Budd, a veteran of the British Army, has years of training, is loyal to a fault, and would risk his own life to protect yours. Plus, he's not opposed to getting involved in a physical relationship with the person he's been tasked with protecting. 

P.S Budd - Tall

Halstead - Chicago P.D

Who could resist Jay Halstead's emerald eyes? Jay serves and protects Chicago as part of the Intelligence Unit, but he also knows how to let loose and have a good time.

Peace Negotiations  - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 18

Sheriff Graham - Once Upon a Time

Sheriff Graham aka the Huntsman is the only line of defense for the small, magical town of Storybrooke. That is when he's not having an affair with the Mayor and Evil Queen, Regina. 

Sheriff Graham - Once Upon a Time

Detective Harlee Santos - Shades of Blue 

Santos, a single mother and police officer in New York City, is tough and has her wits about her. She becomes a criminal informant for the FBI and knows how to leverage her intel to get what she needs. 

Harlee Santos Gets Set Up - Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 5

Voight - Chicago PD

Voight reputation precede's him on the streets of Chicago. And though everything they say is true, Voight has a heart of gold and always does right by his loved ones. 

I'll Do Whatever it Takes - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 22

Olivia Benson - Law & Order

Benson serves as Lieutenant in Manhattan's Special Victims Unit and is an all-around badass. She's been on the job for years, so nothing gets past her. 

At a School - Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 24

Clive Babineaux & Liv Moore - iZombie

In New Seattle, a world inhabited by humans and zombies alike, this duo has figured out the perfect strategy to solve the crime: Liv eats the brains and gets the visions while Clive does most of the heavy lifting.

They're the Bonnie & Clyde of police work. With Liv's multiple personalities, there's never a dull day. 

Suspect Alibi - Tall  - iZombie Season 5 Episode 7

Hannah Wells - Designated Survivor

I truly hope there's a Hannah Wells working in our FBI/CSI because nothing, and I mean nothing, ever gets past her. She's the sharpest on the team and ahead of every curve, which is why she briefly became the right-hand woman for President Kirkman. 

Hannah and Eli  - Designated Survivor Season 3 Episode 7

Ruzek - Chicago PD

For the most part, Ruzek is a decent cop who is loyal to a fault. He's gotten himself mixed up in a few messy situations because he's covered for his team. It helps that he looks like an Abercrombie & Fitch model. 

I've Got This  - Chicago PD Season 6 Episode 20

Jake Peralta - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Despite his cocky and immature nature, Jake is a talented detective with a charming demeanor. His arrest track record is his pride and joy.

Favorite Toy - Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 16

Toby - Pretty Little Liars

We watched Toby go from Spencer's high school boyfriend to Rosewood PD's finest. In a town where the cops cannot be trusted to get anything right, it's good to have one of your own on the inside. 

Toby the Cop - Pretty Little Liars

Kate Beckett - Castle

Kate's mother's death is the inspiration behind her becoming a cop. She kept her past a mystery but believed that there was more to the story than just a random murder.

All of her successes are attributed to her serious and professional nature, and she gets easily annoyed by Castle's childlike approach to solving cases. 

I'll Shoot  - Castle

Maggie and Alex - Supergirl

Maggie and Alex were a super team when they were on the clock catching monsters and when they were off the clock just enjoying each other's company.

These two fierce females weren't afraid of anything.

Should Have Been  - Supergirl

John Nolan - The Rookie

John Nolan stands out because he's the oldest rookie at the LAPD.

Following his divorce, Nolan helps thwart a bank robbery and decides to pursue his passion of becoming a cop proving that with if you' re determined and persistent, it's never too late to follow your dreams. 

Things Get Intense For Nolan - The Rookie Season 1 Episode 19

Max Evans - Roswell, New Mexico

Max's instinct is to protect the people of Roswell, but his role as a deputy also allows him to cover up any supernatural occurrences and keep his and his siblings' identities a secret. 

Max Searches for Liz - Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 Episode 2

Noah - Good Girls

Technically, Noah should be a villain because he lied to Annie and went undercover as her boss at Fine & Frugal, but we can't stay mad at the FBI agent for doing his job and genuinely falling for her. 

Noah At Work - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 10

Michael Cordero - Jane the Virgin

At home, Michael was Jane's silly boyfriend-turned-husband, but at work, Michael was dedicated to bringing down crime lord Sin Rostro. 

Good Cop - Jane the Virgin

Stan - Good Girls

When it comes to a really good guy, Stan's your man. He's a good husband, a good father, and a decent cop.

Sure, he may have stolen some incriminating evidence to help his wife and is covering up her criminal doings, but his heart is in the right place and that's all that matters. 

I'll Protect You - Good Girls

FP Jones - Riverdale

FP is one of the best examples of turning your life around. He went from being the leader of the Southside Serpents to taking over as the mysterious town's Sheriff.

On the daily, he deals with everything from the Black Hood, the Gargoyle King, Edgar Evernever and The Farm, a Fizzle Rocks epidemic, and most importantly, Hiram Lodge. 

Fizzle Rocks Hunt - Riverdale Season 3 Episode 18

Jared and Mic - Manifest 

Jared and Mic are former lovers turned sort-of-friends who still harbor feelings for each other.

Yeah, it's complicated, but they make a great team that's committed to solving the mysteries surrounding Flight 828. 

Exes & Partners - Manifest

Liz Forbes - The Vampire Diaries

Matt Donovan may try, but he will never live up to Mystic Fall's greatest sheriff, Liz Forbes.

Caroline's mother kept all the supernatural occurences at bay mainly because of her adorable relationship with the town's baddie, Damon Salvatore. 

Best Sheriff in Town  - The Vampire Diaries

Jo Martinez - Forever

If Olivia Benson and Kate Beckett had a baby, it would be Jo.

Jo puts up a tough front and is no-nonsense until she meets Dr. Henry Morgan who's abstract (and immortal) outlook on life makes her do a double-take. 

By the Book - Forever

Atwater & Kim - Chicago PD

The former partners used to be one of the best parts of Chicago PD.

They were silly best friends who always had each other's backs and knew when to get serious. Not much has changed since they leveled up to Intelligence. 

Atwater and Burgess - Chicago PD

Alex Parrish - Quantico

Parrish is the brightest recruit at Quantico, which is precisely why she wakes up and finds herself the main suspect in a terrorist plot.

Still, her quick wits allow her to figure out the real terrorist before another catastrophe strikes.

A Friend Is Framed - Quantico

Lindsay - Chicago PD 

Lindsay comes from a toxic upbringing but found her way thanks to Intelligence Commander, who became like a father figure.

Her tough exterior is a perfect match for the dangerous streets of Chicago.

Lindsay Takes Cover - Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 2

Leroy Jethro Gibbs - NCIS

The former Marine Corp works as an NCIS Special Agent in Washington, D.C.

He may be silent and reserved, but he's a damn good at his job and takes pride in it. 

Gibbs Finds Torres - NCIS Season 16 Episode 18

Jane Rizzoli & Maura Isles - Rizzoli and Isles

The super duo team up to solve the most gruesome of crimes in Boston.

Rizzoli is sarcastic, confident, and independent while Isles is an expert at her job and enjoys spouting random and oftentimes useless facts.

Rizzoli and Isles - Rizzoli & Isles

Which cops and detectives would you add to the list?

There's a plethora of shows to choose from! 

Lizzy Buczak was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in June 2021..

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