12 Monkeys Round Table: The Big Burn

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Cassie wasn't kidding when she mentioned the devastating time she had after Cole's visit in 2013.

12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 3 filled in the details of the 2014 outbreak in Haiti. Plus, Cole proved he can be pretty ruthless when it comes to fulfilling his mission.

How did the TV Fanatic 12 Monkeys panel feel about "Cassandra Complex?" Join Carissa Pavlica, Stacy Glanzman, Carla Day, Paul Dailly and Hank Otero as we discuss the latest episode and feel free to share your theories in the comments below.

12 Monkeys Round Table 1-27-15

Let's start with the big question: Were you surprised Cole killed Henri? How did you feel about that twist?

Carissa: I wasn't shocked, I was more saddened. It was a dark sport for our hero given what we know about Henri so far. It may come up that Henri knew something or did something we haven't yet learned from Cole's POV, but as it looks not it was a jealous move. That's not cool nor Cole. However, when Railly slept with Henri the first thing that popped into my mind was WHERE THE FRAK DID THAT COME FROM?! It was completely out of character and unnecessary. Was it used to poke a hole into Cole's heroic side? They could have used different avenues to do it.

Stacy: I was a little surprised actually. Part of me was hoping he would save him even though I knew that would mess up the future, but I didn't expect Cole to be the one to kill him. I feel like that's where time travel starts to get confusing. Doesn't there have to be an original time line where he lives before Cole can come back from the future and kill him? Kind of like Cole coming back in time to kill Leland.

Carla: Did Cole kill Henri? We never saw Cole kill him. I was surprised by the way it all played out. If he killed the doctor, I feel for him. Cole loses a piece of his soul every time he tries to save mankind. The cost of one life to save humanity. It's a terrible cost, but one that's probably justified. In a way, it could be seen as a mercy kill. If the Pallid Man caught up to Henri, it would have been a torturous death. Though, as I said, I'm not convinced Cole killed Henri.

Paul: This was a really good twist. I didn't see this coming. There are so many layers to the character of Cole spanning several time periods that makes me wonder if we will ever know everything he knows. It makes for good TV though.

Hank: I admit it totally shocked me. Still, when I heard Cole say "you never make it off this island" it was like he understood he had to kill Henri. That's probably exactly how its played out every time. It's not confusing Stacy because there's no time line where Henri lives, he dies in Haiti. That leads Cole back to 2014 in a kind of time travel loop.

Share your thoughts on the events in Haiti that cost Dr. Railly her job. Would you have reacted differently knowing what she knew?

Carissa: Yes. She went a little off the deep ends externally, and I would have done it internally, maybe to a close friend. I'm not an outward mess, tending to play that role closer to the vest. That was her downfall.

Stacy: I definitely would have reacted differently. She knew that no one believed her about what happened when she was kidnapped and that she should tread with caution, but instead she let her emotions overcome rational thought and made everyone think she was insane. I didn't get her telling everyone to set up quarantine and not let anyone leave and then she goes and runs right out of the tent. Really it's not surprising everyone thought she was crazy.

Carla: I'm not sure. When Cassie went to Haiti all she knew was a virus was going to wipe out the world. The deaths in Haiti were from an initially unknown and unfamiliar disease, so it would make sense she thought it was the one Cole mentioned. If she could stop the spread from patient zero, it would prevent much future destruction and death. She was wrong, but her mindset was sound.

Paul: It was interesting. She was so sure it was the virus. Anyone in her situation would be the same and wouldn't be willing to let the outbreak continue. I'm wondering if Cole some how knew this would happen.

Hank: I don't think I would have reacted differently. You've got this information that is 100% accurate from the future, yet you don't know where the plague originates. Sure she turned out to be wrong, but I agree with Carla her mindset was sound. Imagine if that had been the start of Cole's virus? Cassie would have been seen as a hero rather than ridiculed.

Do you think the monkey head shrine is of any significance? Anything to do with the 12 Monkeys or just a creepy visual?

Carissa: Oh, it's probably a bit of both. A creepy visual they'll pan back to at some point when making a reveal.

Stacy: Not really, I think it's more for visual effect.

Carla: I don't think there's anything not planned and of importance on the show. The monkey shrine matters. Not sure how or when we will know, but it's significant.

Paul: I think it means that someone from the army of the 12 Monkeys was there in Haiti, but I'm not so sure who. Was the Pallid man there to kill them? Probably. So many questions and so little answers.

Hank: Remember, Jones told Cole the spread of the virus was a coordinated effort. I bet there are shrines to the 12 Monkeys all over the world used to bring members together. Like Carla said, nothing's there accidently on this show. There's an insane amount of planning that went into this series, so I'm sure the shrine means something.

Why is the Pallid Man so unusually strong? Is he from the future and also benefiting from the splinter injection's side effects?

Carissa: Maybe he's a survivor of some sort of virus giving him monkey strength. Maybe he was a test subject who benefited by an injection.

Stacy: I don't think he's necessarily from the future. I think he's working with the people who will create the virus and that those scientists are capable of creating something that can boost their strength.

Carla: No idea. I hope he's not from the future. My best guess is the virus that wiped out humans was originally designed as a transmitter of something that brought out extraordinary human abilities of some sort and the program went wrong. The Pallid Man is looking for the Night Room to maintain his abilities or to procure it for others.

Paul: I like Carla's observation. No idea. I'm guessing he's from the future, but from which time period?

Hank: I love that theory Carla, very cool! I just have a feeling the good guys can't be the only ones traveling through time. That doesn't mean the pale dude has to be from the future, but his boss might be? Something tells me the Army of the 12 Monkeys has access to a time machine.

What do you make of the West 7 scav group? Any guesses why Deacon has it out for Cole?

Carissa: No idea. And I don't really care, to be honest. I found this whole episode to be the wrong combination of elements to excite me, as if they had the right parts but focused on the wrong issues. I don't know. It was just off. In other words, I don't have an answer.

Stacy: The scavenger group took advantage of a tough situation to use force and intimidation to cope and grow into a larger force. I think Deacon leaned on Cole as his right hand man to take care of things and help keep the group in order. Cole got tired of living that way and burned Deacon when he and Ramse left.

Carla: The scav group and storyline is the only part of the series that I don't really like so far. Unless they're tied to the virus and the plan to stop the outbreak, I don't really care about them. I liked the future stuff with Jones and the scientists, but so far I don't care about those outside. That could change though depending what comes next.

Paul: I really liked them, well what we seen of them. Max seems like an interesting character, but Deacon seems like a bit of a wild card. My best guess is that Cole turned on him and killed a loved one.

Hank: I'm with Paul on this one. Having read up on the West 7 at Syfy's 12 Monkeys site, I find their history fascinating. They get their name from a quarantine area in New York overthrown by Deacon. We don't know whether or not the West 7 have ties to the 12 Monkeys yet, but they might. Again, nothing is written in randomly. I'm betting these marauders have an important part to play in all this.

Watch Cole narrowly escape with his life, as the West 7 attack in this sneak peek from Friday's installment.

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12 Monkeys Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Cole: Wait a minute. I know this place. This is...
Cassie: It's not everyday you see the building you're going to die in.

Cassie: How long do you think it will be before the 12 Monkeys break Jennifer Goines?
Cole: Don't know, but she won't make it easy.
Cassie: There's nothing in the future that can help us find her?
Cole: No we gotta find this guy.
Cassie: The one who got away.