Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 16: Full Episode Live!

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On Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 16 viewers got a lot more insight into Capt. Holt, and who doesn't want more insight into that glorious man?

Jake takes it upon himself to do a little personal detecting, and that means enlisting the help of Rosa, Kevin and some security cameras to discover the reason Capt. Holt is in such a bad mood.

Was he in a bad mood at home? Nope. At work? Yep. So, whatever happened happened in between and the 99 crew is on the case.

Enter, "The Wednesday Incident." Trust us, if your morning started out in this fashion, you'd probably be a little pesky by the time you got to the office, too. Perturbed, proud and pesky!

Find out all about it when you watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine online via TV Fanatic!

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