Days of Our Lives Photo Gallery: Hope Uncovers the Truth

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Ready for another exciting week ahead on Days of Our Lives? Let's take a look at what is set to go down...

After spending some time at the beach house, Hope uncovers some unsettling news about Aiden's wife's death. Will she confront him about it? Will he have an answer?

Back in Salem, Melanie's curiousity has her on the hunt for Dr. Mandrake. Is she turning to Nicole for help? And Chad goes to Jordan and asks for a second chance. Does he have any hope of getting one?

Adrienne finally comes face to face with Paul and realizes just how complicated his situation with Will and Sonny really is. And Victor isn't happy as he receives even more unpleasant news.

Check out these photos from Days of Our Lives airing the week of 2/09/2015 on NBC.

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Shawn-Douglas Brady: You know what? For the first time in my life, I'm glad that my dad is biologically a Kiriakis.
Belle Black Kiriakis: Why would you say that?
Shawn-Douglas Brady: Because, otherwise, we would be related. Your grandmother is a Brady, remember?
Belle Black Kiriakis: Oh, my god. I never even thought about that. Actually, that makes me more of a Brady than you.