Days of Our Lives Recap: Clyde Is Alive!

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As many of us suspected Clyde wasn’t found in popsicle form but alive and well and taunting Victor Kiriakis this week in Salem.

I had hoped Clyde was dead, but no such luck. Not only did he give Victor the wedding ring stolen from Sonny but he went so far as to threaten Brady, Maggie and even little Ciara. Clyde went on to say that even if something were to happen to him, his minions would deliver his revenge.  That has to be an empty threat, right? I simply can’t believe that Victor would allow a man who has almost killed a member of his family and threatened the rest to walk the earth for very long. 

I have little doubt that next time, Victor will make sure the bullet goes through Clyde’s head instead of his nonexistent heart.

Sonny woke up in his hospital bed surrounded by his family but remembered nothing about his husband cheating on him. I really look forward to the day when that memory resurfaces. 

Will yelling at Sonny when he couldn’t breathe was seriously annoying. How about calling a doctor or a nurse? Yelling at the man who is gasping for oxygen really isn’t all that helpful. Not to mention that it was overacted to the point of being unwatchable. 

Adrienne and Paul shared a couple of nice scenes. Adrienne was torn between wanting to protect Sonny’s marriage and being unbelievably grateful to the man who saved her son’s life. She just might land on Team Paul when she finds out that Will cheated on her son.

Justin was still on his way back from Dubai. Has been all week long. I know that this is in soap opera time but did he take a cruise ship to get back?

Elsewhere in Salem, Paige somehow got nuttier and more boring. I wouldn’t think that was possible. So let’s get this straight…Paige is willing to give JJ a free pass for sleeping around but she’s furious with the girl he slept with because in her mind, that girl must have known how much she loved JJ. Or as she put it in this Days of Our Lives quote

Whoever stole JJ from me, she's nothing but a lying slut.


Paige has a lot of her mother in her, no matter how much she’d like to deny it. And what’s with moving into the dorm? Did Paige write the check? Dorm rooms cost money, even at Salem U.

Hope got stranded at Aidan’s beach house only to be accosted by Bree and then she uncovered Meredith’s tablet. So is Aidan really a sociopath or was his wife delusional or decided to set him up before she took her own life?  Either way (and as a Hope / Aiden fan I hope it isn’t option one), I am interested in seeing how Hope figures it all out. It’s about time we see her use some of those detective skills of hers. 

Serena continued to skulk around Salem with an elephant statue in her purse. Hasn’t that thing gotten heavy? And Eric managed to make me like him even less (I didn’t think that was possible) when Serena admitted to overreacting with Nicole due to their history and Eric snarked over his should to Nicole, “She means your history.” He’s such a jerk.

Melanie and Brady continued to be giggly and cute. Nicole even gave them her blessing although I wish Brady would have heard that too. Do you think Melanie was doing an internet search on the mysterious Dr. Mandrake or was she tracking down a photo of the baby girl that Brady could adopt? Please tell me Melanie’s not thinking about adopting a child with Brady? They’ve been together all of five minutes, but since neither one of them are known for thinking logically, I wouldn’t put anything past them.

Now, it’s time to pick who uttered your favorite line this week in Salem…

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