29 One-Season Wonder TV Shows: Let Your Freaks and Geeks Flag (Fire)Fly!

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We're heading into the backend of TV season right now and our favorite shows are gearing up for some epic finales. At least a few of this year's crop of shows won't make it to a second season. 

That's totally sad for the fans who've latched on only to be let down when the big, fat CANCELED stamp gets slapped across a script. 

Trust us. We know the feeling all too well around here. Check out 29 epic shows that only lasted ONE season. We're still bitter about Freaks and Geeks.

Without Freaks and Geeks, would Jason Segel have become Marshall on How I Met Your Mother? That's debatable. Maybe playing Marshall for so many seasons was the silver lining to Freaks and Geeks' cancelation.

And speaking of silver linings...

Remember Bradley Cooper and his Oscar nom for playing opposite Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook? Yeah, not too long before that happened, he was playing a chef alongside Buffy's Brendan Haley and a pre-Bones John Francis Daly in Kitchen Confidential.

And speaking of Buffy...

Willow's first love, werewolf Oz, aka Seth Green, left the Whedon-verse for puppetville and a bunny named Greg. (Coincidentally there was once an episode of Angel where they were all, yep, you guessed it, turned into puppets by an evil force inside Wolfram & Hart. TV IS WEIRD.)

As we mentioned before, TV's cancelation and renewal notices are being announced every day it seems. Have you checked to see if your show is returning or bidding a fond farewell at the end of the season yet?

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