2015-2016 Renewal Scorecard

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What's the status of your favorite and not so favorite shows of the past year?

Find out right here! If it says TBD, that means the status is To Be Determined. For the most part, however, nearly ever show on network television is alive or dead for the 2015-2016 season.

Where do your favorites fall????????

1. Find the Fate of Your Favorite Shows!

Find the Fate of Your Favorite Shows!
We're keeping track of the renewals and cancellations of your favorite shows. Scroll around now and don't shoot the messenger if your series got the axe. Please!

2. 12 Monkeys -- Syfy

12 Monkeys -- Syfy
RENEWED!! No need to go back in time to do it over, it's coming back for a second season.

3. 2 Broke Girls -- CBS

2 Broke Girls -- CBS
RENEWED!! We know two girls are no longer broke thanks to this show!

4. The 100 -- The CW

The 100 -- The CW
RENEWED!! Earth's future survivor battle royale will continue on The CW! Which tribe will reign supreme?

5. A to Z -- NBC

A to Z -- NBC
TBD, but we've considered it unofficially cancelled for a while now.

6. The Affair -- Showtime

The Affair -- Showtime
RENEWED! Break out the trumpets and start playing, there's more to the busted marriages left to explore. Woot! (Or, toot?)

7. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. -- ABC

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. -- ABC

8. American Horror Story -- FX

American Horror Story -- FX
RENEWED! Go GAGA folks, this one will star none other than the Lady herself! The theme? Hotel.

9. The Americans -- FX

The Americans -- FX
RENEWED for Season 4 by FX!

10. Archer -- FX

Archer -- FX
RENEWED! Archer laughs that you thought otherwise.

11. Arrow -- The CW

Arrow -- The CW
RENEWED!! Hey, Oliver may lead the League of Assassins. Of course he's coming back for Season 4.

12. Awkward -- MTV

Awkward -- MTV
RENEWED, but, this is Awkward.... it has been renewed for a 5th and FINAL season.

13. Backstrom -- Fox

Backstrom -- Fox

14. The Bachelor -- ABC

The Bachelor -- ABC

15. Battle Creek -- CBS

Battle Creek -- CBS

16. Beauty and the Beast -- The CW

Beauty and the Beast -- The CW
RENEWED!! This beauty is coming back for SEASON 4!!

17. Being Mary Jane -- BET

Being Mary Jane -- BET
RENEWED!! Mary Jane will be back for Season 3, given an early renewal two days after the premiere of Season 2. Hooray!!

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