Days of Our Lives Recap: Can Sami's Son Sink Lower?

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I shouldn’t be shocked that Will Horton has sunk so low that he’s blackmailing Paul Narita’s mother. After all, he is Sami’s son. What shocked me was that not only was Lucas fine with this strategy but he became an active participant in it. 

Lucas even asked Will how it all went when he returned home, as if he were asking his son, Were you able to blackmail someone’s mother effectively or should you head back to California and take some lessons from your mom?

I know Lucas doesn’t want to see Will and Sonny’s marriage end, especially for little Ari’s sake but Will has taken absolutely no responsibility for his actions. Add that to the blackmail and I really wish that Sonny knew exactly the type of man he married. 

The high point of the week was all Adrienne’s. She said all of the things that I was thinking. As Will and Paul both stammered about who knew what and when, Adrienne sized things up nicely when she asked Will, “Did you have any idea that you were married, Will?” Exactly. 

When Will admitted that he’s messed up, Adrienne shot back in this Days of Our Lives quote

Will, missing a birthday is messing up. Cheating is a betrayal of everything that a marriage is suppose to be.


Will even whined that he’d already been lectured by Sonny. Once again, Adrienne was spot on when she told Will he was a child. He can’t explain why he cheated and tries to deflect the blame onto Sonny and Paul every chance he gets. Add the blackmail to it all and the little weasel has turned into quite the snake.

Elsewhere in Salem, Rafe realized that Victor was playing Clyde. Thank goodness. I love Victor. He’s smart and sneaky and I can’t wait to see him take down Clyde. 

Jordan finally left town. Can Clyde and Ben be far behind? My guess is that Ben isn’t long for Salem either, especially with his complete lack of story besides having sex with Abby and then there's the chemistry happening between Chad and Abigail. 

Daniel decided he wanted to take it slow with Nicole. I wish they had taken it slow the first time. I really hope that she and Daniel turn out to be more of a team this time around. That’s when they were the most fun, as friends working together but since they started their romantic relationship it’s been all about Nicole apologizing for being who she is. What fun is that?

Melanie and Brady had their first fight and put it all behind them rather quickly, thus infuriating Theresa. Speaking of which, has Theresa become the town drunk? It seems like she’s either talking about getting a drink, drinking or drunk in almost every scene lately. 

Serena’s still after that stupid elephant and the only thing more boring than this storyline is watching her and Eric in bed. 

The only other bright spot this week went to Hope and Aiden. We see so little of them but they make me smile with every scene. I also loved that Aiden assumed that John was going to threaten him about hurting Hope, just like Roman did. I really like Aiden’s interactions with John. I hope we get to see more of them.

But back to the important question of the week...

What is Tori hiding? Let me know what you think the big secret is all about.

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