Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Needs a Good Slap?

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Will put the screws to Paul’s mother, Adrienne slapped Justin and Stefano took back control of his company on this week’s Days of Our Lives.

TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Fluffysmom and Unavitasegreta from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate the storyline they’d most like to get rid of, who Adrienne should slap next and the best potential couples in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

If you could wave your magic wand and get rid of one character or storyline, which would it be?

Nick: Just one? Daniel Freaking Jonas, the guy is in every storyline, can do no wrong, is the town's Clark Kent, and is one slot below Jesus in the town of Salem. I'm so over him and everything he's involved in.

Fluffysmom: Serena's elephant saga. It's so boring. I don't care that some mysterious man is threatening Serena.

Unavitasegreta: This is a tough question, but I suppose the first character I'd get rid of would be Paige.  I have no interest whatsoever in her and never have.  I think she needs to head to Stanford.  

Christine: Serena, Eric and the elephants make my eyes roll back in my head. It’s horrible and it makes me angry that it gets more screen time than Hope and Aiden.

Do you want to see Will go forward with the second article about Paul?

Nick: Absolutely, Will's already at the point of no return, so what's another shot against his marriage to Sonny? If Will was smart, which he clearly isn't in this situation, he would be ignoring Paul to focus on himself and his marriage, but he would much rather be Sami's son and continue the blame game.

Fluffysmom: Not unless it backfires and the story blows up in Will's face. It's all speculation unless Will can prove the identity of Paul's father. Either way I think Sonny will be angry if Will writes that kind of exposé about Paul's family.

Unavitasegreta: If it would push Sonny to leave him, yes.  If it will make him look like the idiotic jerk that he's become, yes.

Christine: Yes! But only because I hope it will be the nail in the coffin of Will and Sonny’s marriage. Will has the trifecta. He’s selfish, foolish, and arrogant. He is truly Sami’s son and yet I want to see him fail in a way I never wished on Sami. 

Not that we’re condoning violence but Adrienne is on a roll. She slapped Will. She slapped Justin. Does anyone else in Salem deserve a slap?

Nick: Adrienne would need a splint for all the people I want her to slap, but see my answer to the first question: I want Daniel Freaking Jonas slapped.

Fluffysmom: Clint deserves a slap. He's so creepy. Although a slap may turn him on.

Unavitasegreta: I'd like to slap some sense into Nicole and get her to stop chasing after men who aren't worthy of her love.

Christine: Nick’s right. Poor Adrienne will need to see an orthopedist once she’s done. Jennifer, for thinking pushing JJ and Paige back together is a good idea. Eve, for just being Eve. Daniel for his ridiculous behavior with Nicole. Nicole for chasing after him.  Serena, just because I want to see her get slapped and Will again because he so deserves it. 

They’re are several possible couples in Salem right now who are not together yet. (Nicole and Daniel, Sonny and Paul, Adrienne and Lucas, Abigail and Chad, just to name a few.) Who would you like to see become an actual couple?

Nick: Sonny and Paul, Will's development has left a lot to be desired. His character isn't the same person when he came out, and, while change and growth needs to happen in a soap, this change is not something I like. Paul is kind, sexy, and a genuinely nice guy, and much more compatible with Sonny.

Fluffysmom: I'd like to see Sonny and Paul in a relationship after Sonny divorces Will. I'd like to see Abigail and Chad dating. I'm curious about Adrienne and Lucas. I don't want them to cheat while she is still married though.

Unavitasegreta: I'd like to see a sober pairing of Brady and Theresa.  I didn't like them together when they were constantly drunk/high, but I'd like to see them paired up now.

Christine: Most of the above. See Nick’s answer for Sonny and Will. Chad and Abigail have chemistry. Lucas and Adrienne are intriguing and even Daniel and Nicole have potential if they can somehow be real friends again as well as lovers. Somehow they lost the friendship when they hopped into bed.

Was there anything that disappointed you this week in Salem.

Nick: The typical stuff that shrouds Jennifer. The faster Jennifer stops rooting for Paige and JJ, the quicker JJ has the opportunity to decouple from his "true love" boring as a wall Paige.

Fluffysmom: The never ending elephant saga. I'm also disappointed that the fabulous Nicole is yet again practically begging a man to be with her. 

Unavitasegreta: Nicole yet again trying to get in Daniel's pants disappointed me.  She is a catch.  Daniel should chase after her!

Christine: Daniel and Nicole. The man takes off his shirt and let’s a woman get in his lap to shave him and then claims she somehow got the wrong idea. Is he joking? This whole let’s take things slow game has gotten ridiculous. I wish they’d either dive into a real relationship or just move on. 

What was your favorite scene or storyline from this week’s Days of Our Lives. 

Nick: I loved the Kate getting usurped by Stefano.

Fluffysmom: My favorite scenes this week involved the DiMera board meeting. I really liked Stefano taking back his company as he blindsided both Kate and Chad. I also liked a clueless Kate talking to Victor about Stefano double crossing both of them. The conversation between Stefano and Victor was good too.

Unavitasegreta:  I liked seeing Theresa's reaction to hearing about Brady's attack and that she got so upset.  I've been dying to see real feelings from her and to see that she cares about him more than as a source of drugs and money.

Christine: Sonny and Ari were just adorable and the thought of them losing one another because Will is a selfish fool really broke my heart in the best kind of soapy way possible.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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