Scandal Round Table: Cyrus Calls a Truce

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Olivia managed a crisis for Cyrus Beene on Scandal Season 4 Episode 17. His former lover and current fiancee Michael Abruso was caught on camera being anything but faithful.

Given the circumstances of their engagement, it's not like anyone could blame him, but keeping up appearances is paramount for the Chief of Staff of the United States. 

By the end of the hour, the men had reached a truce. What did the TV Fanatic Round Table think of their new deal? Join Christine Orlando, Jim Garner, and Miranda WIcker as we discuss that and more below!

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite quote or scene from "Put A Ring On It?"

Christine:  Cyrus and Michael having that honest discussion right before they got married. It was great to see them stop looking at one another as the enemy. I also loved that they played the song, “All in Love is Fair” in the background. It’s a favorite of mine and and it seemed very apropos here.

Jim: I agree with Christine, seeing Cyrus start a marriage off with that much honesty gives me hope that he is redeemable underneath it all.  Such a great scene. 

Miranda: Yep. I'm throwing my vote to that scene too, but really it started with the dinner with Michael's parents. You could see Cyrus soften toward the man as he met his future in-laws. Somewhere down deep inside Cyrus is the teeniest, tiniest heart of a teddy bear wrapped inside that monster exterior.

Which flashback did you love most?

Christine:  I loved seeing how Cyrus got married the first time to Janet and why. That explained a lot about what drove him and the long and highly volatile road that has been his “love” life.

Jim: I enjoyed seeing how he got married to David. Given that happened just before we met Cyrus, it was kind of cool to remember where things were when we started... and I still miss David.  

Miranda: I miss David, so I loved seeing him and Cyrus together again, but I'm giving credit to Olivia and Fitz for this one. Those moments between them are my favorite moments between them. When it's not about the passion and the sex but the love and care they have for one another. 

Were you surprised to learn Leo is still working for Sally Langston?

Christine:  Yes. I thought we were rid of Sally. What surprised me most was how quick Leo was to use Abby’s slip up against her. In the end, she seemed okay with his explanation but I can’ t imagine having a relationship with someone where you have to think before every word you speak. It sounds exhausting.

Jim: Amen Christine, I thought we were done with her too! And really am starting to like Leo, but it's sh@# like this that resets him to "dirtbag" in my mind. Man, talk about a dirtbag move!  

Miranda: Definitely, but then again, not really? Leo's the kind of man who will work for whomever pays him, so in that regard it's not a surprise that Sally has him on the payroll, but it seemed like a huge conflict of interest to take the case of trying to get the new VP vetted through Congress while working for the former Vice President, you know? Maybe that's only a conflict in my head.

Should Michael and Cyrus consider their marriage a real one and remain faithful/celibate?

Christine:  There’s no love here. I think there’s a commitment to share a life and keep up appearances. There's obviously a financial aspect as well.  It they can become partners and friends that would be a huge accomplishment. I have no illusions about either one of them remaining faithful. Let's just hope they are discreet.

Jim: Their marriage is already non-traditional, I think if they can learn to be friends and come up with some ground rules for who (and how) they are dating, they might just make it through this together.  

Miranda: I actually think this relationship is going to evolve into one of mutual trust and respect and not just a sham to cover up for the fact that Cyrus was caught with a Pro. As such, I sort of expect it will become one with marital benefits beyond a tax break.

Olivia put the ring back on. Discuss:

Christine:  Olivia and Fitz make my head spin. One minute she’s furious with him, the next she loves him, wait ten minutes and she’ll be sleeping with Jake again…unless she finds out Fitz has hired Jake to stalk her again. Then she’ll be furious with then both. I can’t keep up.

Jim: I'm really, really, really, over Fitz and Olivia. I agree with everything Christine said above, I can't keep up anymore and since I've lost interest in the "drama" between them, it's just chewing up screen time.  

Miranda: While theirs was my favorite flashback, I, too, am over the back and forth. Let them be together or keep them apart, but whatever happens, let it happen for longer than three or four episodes. Same goes for Olivia and Jake. Or Olivia and anyone else. I would love it if writers got the memo that it's OKAY to write relationships where the drama isn't earth-shattering like theirs always is.

Scandal Season 4 Episode 18 airs this Thursday night at 9:00pm on ABC. Take a look at the following photos from "Honor Thy Father" and get ready to watch Scandal online!

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