Days of Our Lives: The Worst Anniversary

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Will and Sonny managed to have what may go down in Days of Our Lives history as the worst first anniversary ever. After their romantic wedding one year ago, the two celebrated their first year of marriage by having some sleazy reporter announce to the world that Will was a cheater

It started off so positive. Everyone was their to toast their wedding anniversary and Victor gave an amazing toast  in this Days of Our Lives quote

It was one of the finest weddings that Salem has ever had. No one was shot. No one was arrested. No one found out they were pregnant but more importantly for all of those doubters, the world did not fall apart because these two fine men pledged to love each other forever.


But things turned ugly when the reporter took it to a new level of trash talk by asking if Will slept with Paul and then blackmailed him into coming out in that article. It put a whole other spin on Will’s award winning story.  

Still, it wasn’t the climax I expected when the build up all week was about Paul’s paternity. Now Will and Marlena both suspect that John is Paul’s father and John thinks Paul is nothing but a player looking to break up Sonny and Will.

Should Marlena tell John the truth…or at least what she thinks might be the truth? Should she tell John all the dirty details about Will cheating and how Paul had no idea Will was even married, or just let her husband think the worst of his (probable) offspring.

If Marlena doesn’t come clean I will be horribly disappointed, and just after she earned my respect this week as she told Will in no uncertain terms that his blackmailing Tori Narita was nothing but wrong.

Speaking of wrong, Lucas and Adrienne hit the sheets. Were they wrong? Adrienne is still married, even if Justin is fooling around with Elsa in Dubai. She needs to clean up her own marital mess before starting anything with Lucas. And goodness, didn’t Lucas move fast? He went from going in for a kiss to unbuttoning her blouse in under sixty seconds…and in the middle of the Kiriakis living room no less!

I have to mention one small moment that struck me this week. Eve actually acted like a sister to Theresa who was devastated by being dumped by Clint yet again.

I mean he was so not even close to Mr. Right. He was barely Mr. Right Now.


It’s nice to see that Eve is actually capable of caring for someone else other than herself and Paige, even if it was only a moment.

Melanie’s investigation into the mysterious blood was just weird. Who in their right mind jumps from seeing two vials of blood to thinking that someone stole an embryo out of a women’s uterus? Only on a soap opera is this even possible.

Kudos to Chad. No matter what his master plan, there’s no doubt he truly cares about Abigail and it shows in the fact that he read her father’s book, got her an early copy, and even knows all the best passages. How can Ben push Abby to move in with him because he cares so much yet he can’t make the time to read her deceased father’s book? That’s giving Chad an easy win. 

Daniel and Nicole…just when I thought there might be a glimmer of hope, Daniel Freaking Jonas managed to crush them once again. First he apologized to Nicole for being rude. No kidding. He slammed the door in her face! But I hated how quick she was to forgive him. It reeked of desperation. 

Once again, Daniel said he needed more time. What a crock, not to mention it’s just plain boring. Can’t we see Nicole move on with someone else. I’m voting for Rafe.

Other highlights of the week…Maggie called Victor out on playing Clyde and still had his back. These two are adorable. 

Almost as adorable as Aiden and Hope! The two of them discussing what a handful their kids are going to be was hysterical..and all too true.

Hope: Can you picture them as teenagers?
Aiden: Oh, we are dead, especially if they team up.

Now it’s your turn to pick that or one of the other stellar lines we heard this week in Salem.

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