Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 20: Full Episode Live!

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The savior is put to the test once again on Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 20 when she realizes that the girl she knew growing up is really Maleficent's daughter.  Their fates have been entwined since before they were born.

Regina and Emma head out of Storybrooke in an attempt to find Lily as well as to save Robin Hood from Zelena. Finding Lily proves the easy part. The difficult part comes when they realize that she already knows the truth about herself and Emma.

Lily swears to get the ultimate revenge against Prince Charmind and Snow White and Emma is determined to stop her but is she willing to kill her old friend in order to do it?

Back in Storybrook, Mr Gold has a plan for stealing back Belle's heart and it involves Will Scarlett. And in New York City, Regina heads straight for Robin Hood and tries to explain how the Wicked Witch survived and killed his wife back in the Enchanted Forest. Unfortunately for her, Robin doesn't believe it. That is until Zelena comes clean and shows her true self to them both. But Regina is shocked when Robin says he still can't leave.

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