Hawaii Five-0 Preview: Christopher Sean Teases Gabriel's Return, Days of Our Lives Goodness

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He’s good during the day and oh-so-bad at night.

We’re not talking the latest Marvel superhero villain here, but the juggling of roles that actor Christopher Sean has been doing in both daytime and primetime television.

Five days a week, you can catch him as newly-out baseball player Paul Narita on Days of Our Lives.

But he's also become the latest big bad, Gabriel Waincroft, on Hawaii Five-0.

And with Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 coming to a close tonight with back-to-back episodes, it was a good time to talk about to Sean about how Gabriel figures into the action and how he personally channels the darker Cartel chief. (Sean is pictured below with H50 co-stars Daniel Dae Kim and Ian Anthony Dale).

On the Set of Hawaii Five-0

Of course, we also had to talk one of the hottest love triangles around, as Paul is still having feelings for his ex, Sonny (recent Daytime Emmy winner Freddie Smith)... who just happens to be married to Will Horton (Guy Wilson).

Scroll down for excerpts from our exclusive interview:

TV Fanatic: Excited to see you on Hawaii Five-0 finale. Tell me how Gabriel feels about Chin Ho at this point. They’re adversaries but they also seem to maybe understand each other or are beginning to. What do you think?

Christopher Sean: Yeah, I think Chin understands Gabriel and he has always understood Gabriel. Gabriel is a bad guy and whether there’s still the opportunity to get to the person and reach out to them and say ‘hey, you can still be a good person. you don’t’ have to do this anymore.’ There comes a point where there’s no turning back and I don’t think Gabriel has reached that yet.

TVF: Do you think there’s still a chance that Gabriel would go the straight and narrow?

CS: No, I don’t think he could ever go straight and narrow. I don’t think he can go there. He’s been given too much power at such a young age. Chin Ho letting him off grand larceny and then raising to the ranks in the Cartel so quickly to become one of the youngest bosses to ever run a Cartel, I don’t think he can ever live life without that power.

TVF: How do you get in the headspace of Gabriel? I suspect he probably has a lot of pain and hurt in his life but how do you get yourself there?

CS: You know what it is? I get to the mindset where it’s like, 'okay, this guy wants to fight every single person.' I have to want to be able to fight, I don’t want to smile and always have some kind of anger and something that I’m protecting within me. A wounded animal is protecting itself. That’s where I am at as far as the mindset.

TVF: So what can you tease we’ll see in the season finale?

CS: I think what we can expect to see is another shocking reveal of how evasive and how intelligent that Gabriel is and we’re definitely going to see some great stuff between Chin Ho Kelly and Gabriel Waincroft.

TVF: And how has it been working so closely with Daniel Dae Kim?

CS: He’s one of the nicest, most humble, most hard working actors I have ever seen. I actually had the opportunity to  sit back on set after I finished my scene and I was watching him work and he’s just so good and he says ‘I can’t do that because of this’ and he’s always aware and he’s always contributing. He’s such an upright guy. It’s hard not to just fall in love with him.

TVF: Assuming you’ll be around for a while beyond this season, would you like to be working more with some of the other cast?

CS: I think all the women love Alex O’Loughlin, McGarrett, and all the fans love him so I think to go head to head with McGarrett would really instill that Gabriel Waincroft is the bad guy and that we really hate him. I like that idea of being the guy who is hated compared to being the guy who is loved. If I’m going to play a bad guy, let me be bad. Let me kill people and let me be hated. Compared to if I’m going to play a lovable baseball player [on Days of Our Lives]. That’s what I want. If I’m going to do it, I want to know that I’m doing my job great.

TVF: I think it’s good to be a villain that people love to hate.

CS: I’m happy about that!

Stunning News - Days of Our Lives

TVF: Let’s shift gears to Days of Our Lives. Paul is heading back to Salem so I’m guessing he and Sonny will cross paths. What will we see moving forward?

CS: I think you’re always going to be in love with your first love and until you get a solid answer you’re really never going to give up on that. At the same time, Paul is also extremely respectful and he does honor his family and the wishes of Sonny and Will to keep away from the marriage. I think Paul’s main reason to go back is get to know his father and this family he never knew he had. He’s excited and nervous and he’s going to try to be the better man…but at the end of the day, there’s always that urge and nobody is perfect.

TVF: And Sonny’s father, Justin, just told Paul that he should fight for Sonny. Does that confuse Paul?

CS: I think what Wally Kurth did was brilliant. He’s a great actor and I think he was the tilting factor in the scale. He really pushed Paul into that mindset where, ‘Hey, Will is not good for [Sonny] so fight for it.’ Paul may be a little too influenced by what Justin said but he’s hoping.

TVF: They seem to get you out of your shirt quite often on the show. What kind of pressure is that to always have your shirt off?

CS: I’ll tell you what, I love to eat! I want to eat poorly all the time so it’s difficult but they demand that the shirt be taken off and, of course, dealing with all these other gorgeous men with these statuesque body it’s like ‘how do I compete?’ So I’m just doing what I can to stay in shape to compete with these guys.

TVF:  Also, congrats on the show winning the Emmy and you did a great job with that Price Is Right skit.

CS: That was awesome. I’m so blessed and so happy now with everything that’s happening. This is the second show that won an Emmy that I’ve been on!

TVF: You are the good luck charm!

CS: I’m an Asian rabbit foot, I guess!

Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 airs Fridays at 9/8c and Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

Jim Halterman is the West Coast Editor of TV Fanatic and the owner of JimHalterman.com. Follow him on Twitter.

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