Hirsch: So, if this isn't a date, can we plan one for tomorrow?
Tani: Gerard, don't ruin this beautiful moment.

This is Five-0. Case dismissed.


Dealer: Game's closed unless you have an invitation.
Grover [holding up his badge]: Here's my invitation. It's even engraved.

Hirsch: Cleaning up crime scenes may not be glamorous but at least I can look at myself in the mirror every day.
Tani: Not everyone can say that.

You have the right to stop running your mouth.

Grover [to thief]

I'm not an influencer, but I do have enough followers to get the word out.

Hirsch [to Tani]

So if we find out who's defacing this guy's art, it's possible we'll find our killer.

McGarrett [to Hirsch]

Wait. Are you telling me a man you share DNA with doesn't like to talk about his feelings? Fan me. I feel faint.

Tani [to Junior]

We weren't all blessed with the Noshimuri cheekbones. Some of us have to make an effort to look good.

Grover [to Adam]

Grover: This proves there was an eyewitness.
McGarrett: Unless the killers find her first.

Natano: Go. It's OK.
Junior: You sure?
Natano: I'll be OK.

Keep these mouth breathers away from me and don't let them paw me. I hate to be touched.