I thought you guys wanted to make some money.

Vito [to Danny and McGarrett]

Adam: You're going to have to trust me.
Jessie: Easy for you to say. If this thing goes sideways, it's not your ass on the line.

Hediki: It took ...
Jessie: You can say balls.
Hediki: It took courage to return this to me.

Mr. Hideki. What are the odds?

Jessie [to Hideki]

Kamekona; You should have ashamed, taking advantage of an old man.
Vito: Hey! Go easy on the old man stuff.
Kamekona: Sorry.

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Thug: Is that a wire?
Mechanic: Yup, you've got cops listening to you.

Tani: Hey, Junes. How do you manage not to get bitten?
Junior: I don't know. Maybe you're a lot taster than me.
Tani: That goes without saying.

Vito: [The statue] is a conversation piece.
Kamekona: It's going to start conversation all right.

Tani: Look at you. You're like Eliot Ness.
Adam: Yeah. But I don't know who my Al Capone is.

No pressure. This is the most important case you'll ever work.

Steve [to Pua]

Danny: Maybe you should get a shock collar for him, have it go off every time he calls you 'sir.'
Steve: Maybe I should get two, one for you every time you say something stupid.

My first 30 minutes on the outside isn't going the way I thought.

Jessie [to Adam]

Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

Danno: It's not like my tree. My tree is small. It's depressing. It's pathetic.
McGarett: It's perfect. It's just like your apartment.

McGarrett: Why, what are you going to do?
Danno: It's nothing. I've got it. I'm gonna take care of it.
McGarrett: Okay, I know what nothing means, so...
Danno: Nothing means, nothing, Stephen. I'm fine.
McGarrett: Don't go anywhere I'm gonna be there soon.