Britney Spears Books Visit to Jane the Virgin Season 2!

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Britney Spears will be hitting the small screen again!

The actress, who has been known to appear on TV occasionally, including a guest spot on How I Met Your Mother, will be on Jane the Virgin Season 2 as Rogelio's arch nemesis. 

Britney on JtV

"We are so thrilled that Rogelio's "nemesis" – Britney Spears – has agreed to appear on Jane The Virgin in episode 205," said Executive Producer Jenny Snyder Urman, "Personally, after hearing about their long standing feud (from Rogelio's point of view), we are eager to hear Ms. Spears' side of the story, which we assume is quite different. #TeamBritney."

As for Britney, she took to Twitter to share the news herself.

You can catch up with this feud when you watch Jane the Virgin online via TV Fanatic.

Jane the Virgin returns to The CW on Monday, Oct. 12 at 9/8c.

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