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Following a stellar premiere, it's safe to say Blindspot Season 1 Episode 2 did not disappoint.

On the second installment of this new NBC drama, an Air Force pilot with a destructive plan ended up on the team's radar, thanks to one of Jane's tattoos, of course.

But what, exactly, did he have planned?

Meanwhile, Jane actually remembered bits and pieces of an unsettling memory; while, elsewhere, Weller thought he might know who Jane really is.

Was he correct? There's a surefire way of finding out:

Follow the prompts of the video above to watch Blindspot online and to see what all the fuss is about.

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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Bethany: Like a Google alert on her tattoos?
Madison: It's a little bit more sophisticated than that, but yeah, like a Google alert,.

Jane: Couldn't I just kick the door down? It didn't look that heavy.
Kurt: No, you can't, Jane. That isn't how it works.