Days of Our Lives: Chad Proposes! Hope Hides Stefano’s Body!

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It was another big week on Days of Our Lives as Chad proposed to Abigail, Hope and Rafe teamed up to hide Stefano’s body (dear God, is the Phoenix really dead?), Ava claimed she had Steve’s baby, and Maggie and Nicole struggled to plan Daniel’s funeral. 

Will Hope get away with murdering Stefano? Is Ava completely off the rails? Will Jennifer be the next victim on Eric’s already guilt ridden conscience?  We’ve got lots of questions, most of which we’ll have to tune in next week in order to find answers, but in the mean time….

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Oquossoc and Rockfordfosgate from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to try and hash out all that happened last week in Salem.  

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Was hiding Stefano’s body the right move for Rafe and Hope?

Jack: No. This is completely stupid and ridiculous. If they'd left the body where it was, Andre would make noise about Hope being the shooter while Roman shrugged and said, "Who cares?" It's unofficial Salem PD policy to look the other way when family is concerned unless forced to actually make an arrest (i.e. Eric's DUI issue) and that's doubly true when the crime victim is a Dimera. It most likely would have been written up as a robbery gone bad, assailant unknown, the end.

Oquossoc: I have a bad feeling that their work to cover up the crime will come back to haunt them. But just like he showed with Gabi, Rafe is willing to go a long way to help those he loves, including putting himself in harms way.

Rockfordfosgate: No. For two cops, that seems like a really dumb plan. There's too much left to chance, too much time for someone to find the body. 

Christine: I actually love that they decided to dispose of Stefano’s body and that Hope has gone rogue with this. I’m so happy they didn’t go with the predictable route where Hope has to defend herself or stand trial.  I like her and Rafe as a team and if Stefano had to go, I think this could be a fun way of seeing him go. Of course the Phoenix always rises, so...

Chad Shocks Abigail

Is Abby crazy to say yes to Chad’s proposal?

Jack: Abby is moving way too fast. Besides all the excellent points JJ made about her tendency towards bad decisions in this area, there's also the fact that she hasn't dealt with what Ben did to her. She needs to slow down and take care of herself for a while before marrying anyone.

Oquossoc: No, clearly they both love each other. They've survived all the typical relationship tests - burning buildings, brainwashing - and come out stronger. It's been a long time coming, and hopefully it lasts.

Rockfordfosgate: Yes. Abigail's rushing for no reason. As JJ said, not too long ago she was singing Ben's praises and planning to marry him. 

Christine: She’s rushing it but I get it. She and Chad are on the same page for the first time. They’re in love and they have a newborn. After all she’s been through, I can completely understand her wanting to feel loved and settled and moving forward to start a new life with her new family. 

Do you think that Ava really had a baby and if so, that Steve is the father?

Jack: I don't know and don't care. More than likely she took photos of a random baby in the hospital and claimed it was hers.

Oquossoc: I'm not sure where this is going, especially after she attacked Kayla. She clearly doesn't have cancer and has lied about other things, so the baby plot could be entirely manufactured as well.

Rockfordfosgate:  I think there is a child but I'm not sure if it's Steve's. It will probably be his and prolong this storyline even longer. I just want to know what Ava's endgame is.

Christine: Ugh. I just don’t know and I’m not sure I care. Ava’s insane and I really hope her and Steve’s tryst didn’t produce a child. 

Was Marlena wrong to try and stop Nicole from lashing out at Eric?

Jack: Marlena has never been more wrong in her life. It wasn't about protecting Eric's health. It was about protecting her belief that Eric can do no wrong. She doesn't want him to face any consequences for his behavior, and it doesn't seem to matter to her that her "perfect" son killed her respected co-worker and friend. She was condescending to Nicole, as usual, which didn't help anything either.

Oquossoc: Yes definitely. Even though she had some valid points and even Eric would probably concede that, it wasn't the right time or place for it. He is recovering in a hospital room for goodness sakes!

Rockfordfosgate: I think the hospital room wasn't the best place or time for Nicole to confront Eric, so for that reason Marlena was right to do so. But Marlena can't protect him from being confronted by the victims and their loved ones forever. He has to face them directly.

Christine: I can understand Marlena wanting to protect her son but I think, like Jack said above, she was horribly condescending to Nicole who has every reason to be furious and lash out. Marlena’s entire reaction to this accident has irritated me as she only seems to focus on Eric. Brady, her step-son, and Daniel, her friend and colleague, are complete afterthoughts if given any thought at all. 

Eric is Wracked With Guilt - Days of Our Lives

What have you considered the most interesting fallout from the car accident?

Jack: I really liked Brady setting Eric straight. It showed so much growth on his part and was truly the tough love Eric needed that nobody else was willing to give him. I'm also very concerned about what's really wrong with Jennifer. Was Daniel the only competent doctor in Salem so that someone missed something obvious and sent her home when she still has serious injuries?

Oquossoc: The position it puts Eric in, as horrible as it is, at least presents an opportunity for him to turn things around. He is a good guy who many bad things has happened to, basically one after the other since he arrived in town. This really is rock bottom. He can only go up if he takes the chance, and I hope he does.

Rockfordfosgate: I was really moved by Brady's speech to Eric. Brady recognizes how easily he could have been in Eric's shoes, so while he's a victim he can understand what torment Eric is going through. I think the most interesting part of the car accident story has been how interconnected everyone is and how that can lead to a lot of unexpected conflicts.

Christine: I agree Rockfordofsgate! I love how interconnected this story is, where the losses have affected almost everyone in Salem. But Brady confronting Eric was definitely the highlight. As guilty as Eric feels…and is, he will have to figure out how to live with this and try and find a way to make good moving forward. He’s taken lives. He’ll need to find a way to atone for it. 

Which story line are you hating so far this year?

Jack: There are no words for how much I hate this Rafe and Hope nonsense. It's ridiculous on about 27 different levels, everything from Rafe's sudden feelings for Hope to this inane coverup story. This Ava garbage is a close second. And of course I am STILL and probably always will be heartbroken that Daniel's life had to be sacrificed for this accident storyline.

Oquossoc: I'm actually happy with all the current storylines now, but I'm really sad to see Daniel go because he was always one of my favorites. I liked the role he played with JJ, Nicole, and others - often being the only one to believe in them and give them a chance.

Rockfordfosgate: I'm not really digging Vengeful Hope. She's been so absorbed in her own grief that she has ignored everyone else. 

Christine: I hated vengeful Hope but I’m actually liking Hope and Rafe as a team. I’ve always thought that they’d make a great couple. The worst storyline so far this year for me is definitely Ava! I just can’t stand her and hate her stupid manipulations. The only upside is that, for the most part, she has Steve and Kayla working together as a couple, which I love. 

Rafe Protects Hope - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or story from this week?

Jack: I really loved Nicole connecting with Parker and Brady's talk with Eric. So many good lines from Brady, everything from admitting it could have been him to be drunk/high and behind the wheel to telling Eric to accept what he'd done and honor Daniel's memory.

Oquossoc: I loved the scenes with Theo and Ciara. It's nice to see that she is really looking out for him. I like their dynamic.

Rockfordfosgate: I enjoyed Theresa standing up calmly to Victor. She held her own and was very mature in her reactions to him. She has come a long way and Victor refuses to acknowledge it.

Christine: I loved the scenes between Chad and Abigail. It's both too soon and yet we've waited far too long for them to finally get together. They’ve both grown up a lot. Abigail was even standing up to her family about loving Chad and that’s never happened before. She’s always tried to do what they expected. I’m really enjoying these two as a strong couple and new family and I hope it continues. 

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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