Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is The Dimera Curse Real?

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Belle accused Eve of trying to steal Claire, Abigail tried on her wedding gown but will her and Chad’s wedding actually go off without a hitch  or will the Dimera curse get in the way and Ava got down and dirty with Steve last week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Kpatch and Andyroo from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Belle’s confrontation with Eve, the Dimera curse, Chase bullying Theo and their favorite scenes from last week’s Days of Our Lives.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Is Belle overreacting or is Eve trying to replace Paige with Claire?

Jack: A little of both. Eve is definitely trying to replace Paige with Claire, but not in a bad way. She's giving her the mentoring she wished she had been able to give Paige, and she's actually a positive influence in her life.

Kpatch: I do think Eve is trying to replace Paige. I can understand Belle feeling jealous and replaced, but she is handling this all wrong. Claire acts way more mature than her mother.

Andyroo: I never thought I would defend Eve, but Belle has really annoyed me lately with her holier than thou attitude. This does feel like a good redemption for Eve after what went down with Paige, and it's not hurting Claire. Belle needs to either back off or, better yet, work harder at being a good mom herself. 

Christine: I agree that Eve is using Claire as a way to move on and find some redemption but her actions and intentions have been nothing but positive. The problem is Belle. She chose to go to Vegas with Philip instead of spending the weekend with her daughter and she chose not to go New York to support her during her audition. Belle certainly isn’t doing much to repair their relationship.

Do you think Chad seeing Abigail in her wedding gown will turn out to be bad luck and if so, how?

Jack: No, I think that was some silly comic relief, although if Andre sees Abby as a threat to his revenge plan who knows what might happen.

Kpatch: No, not any worse luck than the average soap opera couple in love has.

Andyroo: Most weddings and marriages end badly on this show anyway, so Chad seeing Abigail in her dress can't make things worse. I have a feeling Andre is going to play a role in ruining things for them. Hopefully Thomas doesn't get caught in the crossfire. 

Christine: I hope not. These two have had more than enough bad luck. Part of me wishes that Abigail would take Chad up on his offer and they flew off to Paris and had a private, romantic wedding.

Abigail and Baby Thomas - Days of Our Lives

JJ told Abigail that all Dimera’s are cursed. Do you think that’s true?

Jack: JJ has a point. 99% of the time when someone finds out they are a long-lost Dimera child they become a lunatic. There are "good" Dimeras out there but they generally get messed with by the evil ones. (e.g. Tony getting replaced by Andre a billion times)

Kpatch: No, it’s not the Dimeras that are cursed, it’s everyone who meets them.

Andyroo: Considering most of them are dead...that's a fair statement. 

Christine: Lexie was generally good but then died of some mysterious cancer thanks to her father so I guess even that could be considered cursed…but let’s hope that JJ is wrong. Perhaps he doesn’t remember that little Thomas is officially a Dimera!

Chase was bullying Theo. Did his explanation make sense to you?

Jack: Not really. I know Chase is a teenager but his behavior didn't interfere with Theo/Ciara one bit. It would make more sense that he was acting out about his dad's death and Theo was an easy target.

Kpatch: Yes, his explanation made perfect sense. Chase was jealous and distraught. He was angry at Ciara, but instead of being honest, he lashed out. Theo was an easy target.

Andyroo: I feel bad for Chase, he's had a rough life and lost both parents. It makes sense that he would worry about losing his sister/best friend/crush and act out. It's dumb, but understandable. 

Christine: Sort of. It was stupid and mean but he’s been through hell. He’s lost both of his parents and I don’t think anyone has really given him the support he’s needed since Aiden’s death. I hope they don’t just brush this incident under the rug now that it’s come out. If they’re keeping Chase around, it would be nice to see them deal with Chase’s issues a little more. 

Kate bought out Nicole and Theresa and dumped Eduardo. What would you like to see next for her?

Jack: I'd really like to see Kate have some comeuppance. She's been annoying me for a while. I miss Lucas putting her in her place.

Kpatch: I think the writers haven’t quite figured out a direction for her. The Basic Black story could have been a good one if she hadn’t gone all wicked witch on them. If she gets involved with Deimos, won’t she be shocked to learn that he’s targeting her son for destruction.

Andyroo: Kate just gets bounced from one guy and storyline to another, and I'd really like to see her get her own story. The business with Nicole and Theresa was interesting while it lasted. I wouldn't mind seeing them end up in direct competition with each other. And throw her and Roman back together, he doesn't have much to do.

Christine: I’m really disappointed in the direction they took Kate with the Basic Black story. I much would have preferred Kate playing matriarch but working as a team with Nicole and Theresa…having the three of them take on the world. Instead, Kate turned even more unlikable. I’m not sure what’s left for her but I hope they finally come up with a decent story for her. 

Joey Johnson - Days of Our Lives

Was there anything that disappointed you this week in Salem?

Jack: I'd have liked to have seen more of JJ's graduation instead of rushing to him being in uniform. This was a big deal for him. I'm also continuing to be disappointed in this Brady having Daniel's heart story.

Kpatch: The whole Hope/Rafe/Andre story is disappointing and boring and out-of-character for both Hope and Rafe.

Andyroo: Steve sleeping with Ava, hands down. How can he possibly think that's a good idea?! I feel like he gave in too easily, it was pretty gross. And with Joey in the mix, this is just a really disturbing storyline.

Christine: I’m with you Andyroo! Having to watch Ava prance around in her lingerie with Steve all week really skeeved me out. All I wanted to do was fast forward through those scenes.

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline from this week on Days of Our Lives.

Jack: I find Chad and Andre's exchanges really funny. Chad's deadpan questioning of what Andre is doing cracks me up. I also really liked JJ's argument with Abigail and Roman telling him Jack would have been proud of him.

Kpatch: It wasn’t really funny, but I had to laugh when Joey walked in on Steve and Ava kissing and said he was going to puke, because he articulated exactly what I was feeling.

Andyroo: The scenes with JJ and Gabi were my favorite. They are so stinking cute. And a Paul Narita sighting! Man, I sure wish they would give him something to do.

Christine: I loved Chad this week. His deadpan responses to Andre were hysterical. I also loved his reaction to Abigail in her wedding dress. After so much angst for so long, it was nice to see such a sweet moment between them. 

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