How Well Do You Know Gilmore Girls?

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Are you a true Gilmore Girls fan?

No, I mean a TRUE FAN of the Gilmore Girls.

The kind of fan who would know the one sentence Sookie's boyfriend said when he learned she was pregnant.

Gilmore Girls Quiz

Are you all brushed up on Rory's boyfriends and the schools they attended?

What about Lorelai, Luke and their past relationships?

When the Netflix revival comes our way, these things will matter. 

What if they want to talk about Paul Anka? Will you have all the answers to the most pertinent questions?

The best, easiest and fastest way to test yourself is to take the quiz below.

Step up and try your luck. Best of luck. May the force of Stars Hollow be with you!

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Gilmore Girls Quotes

Lorelai: Wait, close your eyes and breathe. I smell snow.
Rory: Ah, it's that time of year.
Lorelai: Can't you smell it?
Rory: You know, it's like dogs and high-pitched noises. I think it's something only you can smell.
(Rory sits down next to Lorelai and pulls a blanket over the both of them)
Lorelai: I love snow.
Rory: Really, I had no idea.
Lorelai: Everything's magical when it snows, everything looks pretty. The clothes are great. Coats, scarves, gloves, hats.
Rory: Thermal underwear, wool socks, ear flaps.

Lorelai: Work.
Rory: Life.
Lorelai: Dig it man.
Rory: Peace out Humphrey.