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How are both Olivia and Fitz coping after their break-up?

That was addressed on Scandal Season 5 Episode 10, which featured a time jump from fall finale.

Olivia pushes forward with her professional life to hide her emotional scars, as she so often does.

Also, Pope & Associates go ahead and get involved in a case that could lead to a national crisis. 

Will they be able to keep it all under the radar, or will the firm get their name in the headlines for all the wrong reasons?

That and more will be answered when you watch Scandal online via the above video. Enjoy!

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Scandal Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Marcus: She's a...
Huck: Total badass.
Marcus: I was gonna say trailblazer, but yeah, badass works too.

You stood on the mountaintop. The ring of fire was around you. You played him like a fiddle. You held power in your hands. You were power. You had the Oval. My baby had the Oval. You were running the place and he was clueless! Tell me I'm wrong.

Rowan [to Olivia]