Watch Scandal Online: Season 5 Episode 11

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Did Olivia meet up with Fitz?

Scandal Season 5 Episode 11 was all about Fitz' imagine and it led to Abby and Cyrus clashing over a profile piece. How is THAT for an intriguing set up?

Elsewhere, Mellie actually reached out for help to Olivia, but she had no idea what she was letting herself in for. (Do any of us, really?)

Also, Liz tried to persuade an unlikely ally to become a presidential candidate. Who was it?

Use the video above to watch Scandal online and have this question answered for you now. Sit back and enjoy, folks!

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Scandal Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

I was devastated when I found out Fitz was having an affair with you. I fell into a deep depression and the only thing that got me through was thinking that you were just a phase. Fitz and I, we could survive a phase. So I stayed.

Mellie [to Olivia]

Mellie: You really can compartmentalize like nobody's business.
Olivia: You asked for Olivia Pope. You got Olivia Pope.