Which Teen Wolf Villain Are You?

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Ever wonder which Teen Wolf villain you would be?

Hey!! Me too!!!

Hint: I'm Peter Hale. 

Another hint: I didn't pick the answer that was V-neck T-shirt!

TW Villains

Right? You probably go into these quizzes thinking if you answer the most typical answers, you're set for something specific.

It turns out, you may not be who you expected AT ALL.

If that's not a reason to take the quiz, then I don't know what is.

We know two things. Peter Hale and Gerard Argent are among the choices.

Who else might be there? Kate Argent? The Nogitsune? The Darach? The Oni? The Kanima? 

Find out when you take the quiz and report back to us. We need to know! And we need to know how bad(ass) you are.

Best of luck!

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