Who Is Your How To Get Away With Murder Accomplice?

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Hey, we're not condoning anything here.

We just watch TV like you do.

HTGAWM Accomplice

But, let's just say you were in a position where you needed an accomplice.

And let's just say you happened to stumble upon a group of people.

And that group of people just so happened to be from How to Get Away with Murder!!!!!

We're going to give you the easiest way possible to determine which of those folks you should sidle up to.

You know, if you should need an accomplice.

Should you trip while running with scissors or knock somebody over a railing.

Bad things sometimes happen to other people. People we've seen on TV. And stuff.

By accident. BY ACCIDENT. Sheesh people. This is TV. 

Anyway. Your choices are below. I have a crowd of people to stumble into. 

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How to Get Away with Murder Quotes

I'm gonna lose my case because all I can think about is you with that girl. How many times was it? Seven? That's all it took for you to knock her up. This is what I get. This is what happens when you screw somebody else's husband. You become sad, barren. Now even a dead girl is more of a woman than you.

Annalise [to Sam]

Ophelia: Clients? Don't you know a VIP when you see one.
Bonnie: VIP?
Ophelia: Your boss came out of my V and her daddy's P, so show a little respect for her mama.