Can You Match The Ship Name To Its TV Show?

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I remember when if you were talking about a ship, you were speaking of a seaworthy vessel.

No more! Now you're talking about something that can float on a sea of tears!

Ship ships

As much as we'd love to ship all the 'ships merely by the nature of that game, it's impossible.

After all, loving one OTP means you're probably snuffing out another.

To bear witness to one beautiful couple means you blowing out the fire of somebody else's dearly beloved.

For every Olicity, there is a Loliver.

What? There is an actual Loliver on another show? Wow.

See? These things get tricky!

For every Stelena, there is a Sterek. Wait. Wrong shows. Again.

Well, good luck to you all. May the 'ships be with you!

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