Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should ChAbby's Wedding Continue?

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Chad and Abigail’s wedding went forward despite half the wedding party bailing and a crazed killer stalking the bride. Chase was arrested for sexual assault and Summer was declared Maggie’s mystery daughter this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Villa281 and Wendylou from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate whether the wedding should continue, what should happen to Chase, whether Andre’s part in Aiden and Chase’s actions should come out and how they feel about Summer’s connection to Maggie after this week on Days of Our Lives. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Is Ben really at the window or is Abigail hallucinating?

Jack: I think Abby is hallucinating. I don't think Ben would taunt her so directly. He's more of the stalker type who would watch her for a while, maybe try to kill someone... not just stand at the window.

Villa281: I think so, but no one else is going to see him, and they will convince her it is a figment of her imagination. I think he will be popping in several times with only her seeing him, and then afterwards no one will be able to find him. I believe people are going to think she is starting to lose her mind.

Wendylou: I think Abby is just imagining him. The real Ben will show up later when she's alone.

Christine: I think Abby is hallucinating which is sad. Can’t the show have just one romantic, happy wedding? Would that be too much to ask?

Ben’s on the loose and the maid of honor, best man, and brother of the bride didn’t show? Should Abigail have canceled the wedding?

Jack: I think canceling the wedding would have felt like giving in to Ben's terrorizing of her. Some concern over the fact that JJ wasn't there and being let in on what was going on with Gabi so she could make an informed decision would have been nice.

Villa281: I don't know. I kind of am going back and fourth with it. The handling of the wedding has been very strange for me. The show is treating Abigail and Chad as this new super couple and I think their day should have kind of been focused on just them.

Wendylou: No. It's disappointing that Gabi and especially JJ weren't there but in Salem there's always going to be something.

Christine: I wish they had canceled because I found this wedding disappointing. Why did Doug walk Abby down the aisle when they have virtually no relationship. Why wasn’t Abby or Jennifer concerned that JJ didn’t show? I get that they didn’t want Ben to ruin things but as weddings go, this one was pretty sad even without the threat of Ben looming over it. 

What sentence/outcome would you like to see for Chase?

Jack: I'd like Chase to go to some kind of facility for young offenders that includes therapy/rehabilitation services rather than pure punishment. He needs help more than anything else.

Villa281: This is another topic that I have mixed feelings about. Obviously rape is horrible act, but prior to this I really liked the character and the actor that played Chase and I just hate they went down this road with him. 

Wendylou: He definitely needs to go to jail or juvenile detention. I know he's been through a lot for a young kid and I do want him to get help but he raped someone and that is a very serious thing. He deserves more than a slap on the wrist for sure.

Christine: Ugh. I hate what they’ve done to Chase. Rape is unforgivable and he needs to be punished but he’s a kid who can be rehabilitated and he needs help. I hope that the show doesn’t just lock him up and throw away the key just to get rid of him. That would make this terrible storyline even worse. 

Chase Confesses - Days of Our Lives

Do you think the truth will ever be revealed about Andre manipulating both Chase and Aiden?

Jack: I wish it would but I have my doubts. When Hope said that thing to Chase about how he and Aiden tried to destroy her and Ciara, she should have heard herself and realized that's Andre's MO. 

Villa281: I think they might use it if they ever try to redeem Chase.

Wendylou: I'd like to think so but truly I don't have a lot of faith in this writing team.

Christine: It should come out, but I doubt it will. Aiden and Chase did horrible things under circumstances created by Andre. Hope deserves to know that. Unfortunately, this is the show that had Clyde kill EJ and then never let Stefano learn about it, so there’s a history of letting important plot points dangle indefinitely. 

Summer is Maggie’s daughter. Are you happy with this turn of events?

Jack: I don't believe it's true. No one but Summer saw the DNA results and I wouldn't be surprised if she lied about it. Either way I don't want her on my screen anymore.

Villa281: Absolutely not, I think it is ridiculous for them to give Maggie another daughter when she has two daughters they could have brought on. I have a feeling Summer is going to end up being a female version of Daniel.

Wendylou: Hell no. I'm tired of this show bringing in new characters and ignoring characters that are already on screen. Besides that, if they wanted focus on a child of Maggie's why not bring back someone we've already met instead of making up this ridiculous story that Maggie gave up a child and never told ANYONE about it? Just so we can hear more about Daniel and how even in death he's the best thing ever and now he's brought Maggie her long lost child. Gag me. I'm holding out hope that she lied and the results said she wasn't Maggie's daughter. I'd much rather her be a psycho con-woman.

Christine: I couldn’t agree more, Wendylou. Summer is boring and contrived. If they wanted to give Maggie more of a story why not bring back Melissa or Sarah? Why this offshoot of Daniel that no one cares about? The only reason seems to be to make sure the myth of Saint Daniel continues even after his death. 

Summer's DNA - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Jack: That JJ was being used as a stock cop instead of the dynamic, interesting character he is. I'd liked to have seen more of his reaction to being chosen for this mission and having to shoot to kill for the first time. Also that Hope switched from love to hate without a single mixed emotion when she found out what Chase did.

Villa281: The overall tone of the show just continues to be very dark, I need some romance.

Wendylou: The cheesy gunfight in the warehouse, Summer being Maggie's daughter, oh, and the vigilante teens.

Christine: All of the above. JJ being thrown into the middle of the cheesy gunfight with no preamble made little sense. I’m growing to despise Summer as much as Theresa does and the vigilante teens and Hope’s response to Chase were over the top. 

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Jack: I loved JJ telling Gabi that in his gut he knew Ari would be all right. The pre-wedding scenes were also fantastic. I loved Jen's gifts to Abby! This is the Jennifer I know and love.

Villa281: I really liked the scene where Julie gave Abigail the poem written by Tom, and got emotional about them. I love when the show pays homage to the past, and the characters that make the show iconic. 

Wendylou: Honestly, I'm looking back and not much stands out to me. I'm always glad to see Doug and Julie so I'll just say that. Also, Theo and his protectiveness of Ciara is sweet.

Christine: I enjoyed it when Steve told Kayla that falling in love with her has provided him with some of the biggest thrills of his life. These two still have such passion between them; I just hate that their son’s integrity was sacrificed over this ridiculous Ava storyline. 

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