Days of Our Lives Round Table: How Much Do You Hate Summer?

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Rafe put the moves on Hope, Theresa told off Summer (not that it helped) and Eric was finally sent to prison this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Fluffysmom from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate if Hope should give love a chance with Rafe, did Eric get the sentence he deserved and just how much does everyone hate Summer!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Should Hope give a relationship with Rafe a chance?

Jack: No. Hope lost two husbands fairly recently and it's only in the last month or so that she's acted anything like herself and not been revenge-crazed. With Caroline's news about Deimos, I'm expecting a setback on that front. The last thing she needs is a new relationship while dealing with all of that.

Fluffsymom: I think Hope needs to deal with her own losses and grief before she gets involved in a romantic relationship. Ciara needs her attention more than Rafe does.

Christine: I like the idea of Hope and Rafe but Hope is no where near ready. She’s never really dealt with losing Bo after believing he abandoned her and she never got any answers about why Aiden tried to kill her on their wedding night. Add in Ciara’s trauma and I think any serious new relationship should be a long way off for Hope. 

Who is right about Summer, Theresa or Brady?

Jack: Theresa, Theresa, 1000x Theresa. Brady is right only in that Summer is overreacting to Maggie's distress and making it about her when it is NOT. He does not need to be her savior nor to put her ahead of his relationship and making this about Theresa's insecurities is just beyond the pale.

Fluffsymom: Teresa is right about Summer. Brady is in hero mode. He hasn't given any thought to the possibility that Summer may well have a hidden agenda.

Christine: Let’s face it, Brady has always been a bit of an idiot and it really shows in how he’s dealing with Summer. Theresa was completely right in her assessment and Brady turning it all back on Theresa was just petty and mean. 

Theresa and Brady's Date Night - Days of Our Lives

Did Eric get the sentence he deserved?

Jack: I think so. It was 5 to 14 years, right? So 5 years is a fairly short sentence. Since Gabi did about a year of a 20 year sentence, Eric could be out in 3 months. LOL. In all seriousness, he killed a man and while he shows remorse he's still engaging in the behavior that led to that. I wouldn't have been surprised if the judge gave him 14 years for that reason but it would have seemed excessive.

Fluffsymom: I don't think a five year sentence is unreasonable considering he was driving drunk when he committed vehicular manslaughter. It's doubtful that he will serve the entire sentence since most Salemites get out of jail early.

Christine: It’s unanimous. Eric deserved what he got. I’m glad he’s out of Salem because I think the character needs a redo. You know it’s bad when even drunk he bores me. 

Was Marlena right to lash out against Jennifer for Eric getting drunk?

Jack: No. Last I checked, Eric is an adult, not a 15 year old. Marlena's diatribe didn't help either one of them get their act together and just made her look ridiculous. Jen herself was not this overbearing in the past with JJ, and that's saying a LOT.

Fluffsymom: I understand Marlena being upset because Eric is going to prison today but she didn't have the right to chastise Jennifer. I think Eric would have ended up drunk whether he was with Jennifer or alone. Jennifer didn't seek out Eric and force him to drink.

Christine: Being a psychiatrist, you’d think Marlena would see things more clearly. Obviously it was easier to lash out at Jennifer than deal with the fact that her son has made a long string of bad choices which led him here and he still hasn’t learned from them. 

Eric and Jennifer Get Drunk - Days of Our Lives

Should Chad be concerned about Abigail hurting baby Thomas?

Jack: Abby wouldn't intentionally hurt Thomas, but she's not in her right mind. She ignored his cries and then was unable to soothe him. She could hurt him if she thinks she's trying to get him from Ben and grabs him out of someone's arms or rocks him too hard trying to soothe him.

Fluffsymom: I don't think Abby will hurt Thomas. I think he's the only thing giving her any focus in reality.

Christine: I think Jack’s right. I don’t believe Abigail would ever intentionally hurt her baby but in her current mental state, anything could happen. She needs help, fast!

Was there anything that disappointed you this week in Salem?

Jack: Summer took up way too much time. We would have room to actually SEE Jen's descent into self-destructive behavior instead of just hear about it if Summer wasn't taking up 90% of every episode she's in, and I'd like to see Maggie's storyline be about her, not Summer.

Fluffsymom: I think there was way too much focus on Summer and how she feels. I don't like Maggie's history being changed so much to accommodate Summer's existence.

Christine: All of the above! I despise Summer. She’s boring. Her existence changes the history of one of my favorite characters and the focus of Maggie’s and Brady and Theresa’s stories is suddenly all about Summer. She’s the new Jordan Ridgeway, only worse. 

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline from the week?

Jack: I am partial to JJ saying, "He's a psycho, who cares?" when Lani asked what Ben mumbled. LOL. Also loved Theresa telling Summer off!

Fluffsymom: I really liked JJ's scene at Ben's bedside. I also liked the scenes with Nicole and Deimos. 

Christine: Theresa telling off Summer was epic. It was everything that I think about Summer. I love being able to root for Theresa because I think she’s smarter and stronger than many other characters on the show. It’s about time she gets to show it. 

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