The 100 Round Table: Maybe There Are No Good Guys

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The old gang was forced to work together to save Raven (and, by extension, themselves) from ALIE on The 100 Season 3 Episode 11.

In a showcase episode for Lindsey Morgan, painful memories, self-doubt, and broken relationships were churned up and addressed. While not all wounds were healed (and some new wounds even cropped up – poor Monty!), "Nevermore" went a long way in bringing our heroes back together for the big fight against the maniacal red dress-wearing AI.

Join TV Fanatics Meg Bonney, Allison Nichols, Kelly Thompson, Yana Grebenyuk, and Paul Dailly as they discuss it all.

The 100 Round Table 1-27-15

Lindsey Morgan was on fire! With so many intense scenes, which was your favorite?

Meg: Her confrontation with Clarke was so intense! She was like a woman possessed. Seriously, give her an Emmy!

Allison: I have to pick one?? I loved the scene with her, Bellamy, and Jasper. Lindsey Morgan absolutely killed it this week.

Kelly: I agree with Allison, I have two favorite scenes, can't pick just one.  When she called Jasper out on being a loser and her face/intensity when she popped her shoulder out of place.

Yana: When she was trying to escape is the moment I knew Lindsey would headline this episode. Her separate moments with all the delinquents were different yet they all had me shivering because it was just that good.

Paul: The confrontation with Clarke was great. She pulled off ALIE so well. It was the best performance of the season.

Jasper's anger and unwillingness to forgive Clarke – fair or unfair?

Meg: Fair. He needed to have that confrontation if he was ever going to find some closure in the future. I think now that he has expressed his anger and said his peace, he can move on.

Allison: Definitely fair. I'm glad it happened. Aside from Emerson, Clarke hasn't had to face anyone who lost someone at Mount Weather (because, well, they all died). Jasper forced Clarke to really examine the magnitude of what she did.

Kelly: I guess I'm in the minority but unfair. Jasper has been a waste of space this season, and he needs to move on and stop blaming Clarke. As Raven said, they have all lost people, and Jasper will never know the burden of taking lives because Clarke is willing to put others above herself while Jasper only cares about himself and his feelings.

Yana: Fair-ish. I get where he is coming from, but he also needs to realize he isn't alone. Everyone who was there and who killed those people has that hanging over their heads daily. They are all clearly in pain, and Jasper needs to realize that they didn't mean to do this. I think when Monty pushed him away, Jasper realized that what he was doing wasn't fair.

Paul: I'm with Kelly on this one. The character of Jasper has become horrible. I totally understand that he misses Maya and all, but if the tables were turned, he would have done the same as Clarke.

Monty was forced to kill his mother to save Octavia. React.

Meg: That was brutal and a bit rash. Maybe he was just panicked and in the moment. Couldn't he have just knocked her out??

Allison: I'm heartbroken for Monty, but I'm excited to see how he handles the blood on his hands, which may make me a terrible person. I don't know if Monty could have just knocked her out. I'm not sure, considering where he was and how close to killing Octavia his mom was, if there was time for Monty to run up behind her and knock her out. On the bright side, Octavia realized that the hundred are her people now.

Kelly: ALIE is pretty terrible. She really wants everyone to be emotionally gut-punched. I like that someone else on this show will have blood on their hands other than Clarke and Bellamy. I wasn't emotionally invested in Monty's mom nor Monty at this point so it fell kind of flat for me.

Yana: Monty's breakdown was a long time coming. Nothing could have made him react like this aside from his mother's death. It's a frightening way to have him break away from that innocence that we all connected him with but Chris really played it well. My heart broke for Monty even though his mother was on my last nerve three episodes ago.

Paul: Honestly, I was so happy he took her out of the equation. She cared more about Pike's wicked ways than her own son. She was always going to be a liability, so why give her more opportunity to stab Monty in the back?

At the end of the episode, Clarke said something really significant to Bellamy – "maybe there are no good guys." Is she right?

Meg: I really liked that. That's what Abby said to Clarke after the Mount Weather massacre. Bellamy needed to hear it. He has been consumed by all of this, and he doesn't have that mentor/parent person anymore. He had that in Kane and lost it and then tried to find that with Pike but that was awful. Bellamy needed to hear it because none of them can always be the good guy for everyone. Not when the objective is to survive.

Allison: She's definitely right. They have to do whatever it takes for their own survival, for their people's survival, so Bellamy and Clarke did what they thought they had to. The massacre at Mount Weather saved their people, made them good guys to Skaikru, but obviously the people at Mount Weather would have a different opinion.

Think of it this way: Most of the Grounders believed that Lexa was the good guy when she forced Finn to pay for the blood he spilled at that Grounder camp. No one in Skaikru thought Lexa was the good guy in that situation. Being the "good guy" is subjective.

Kelly: I love the throwback to The 100 Season 2 when Abby said that to Clarke but I'm not sure this applies to Bellamy. He is the bad guy in this story. He massacred a peaceful army that was there to protect them for no other reason than revenge and stupidity.

This show normally puts the characters in do-or-die situations or makes us understand the horrible decisions that need to be made, and in the case of Bellamy, neither of these apply. He went completely off the rails, and he has a long way to go until I'm able to get over it. I really wish the show wouldn't have let him off the hook this quickly. Hopefully, Octavia will continue to remind him of the terrible decision he made.

Yana: Yes. Bellamy has been in a dark place, but it's so easy for people to forget that they were all there too. Octavia, with her guilt trips, acts like she has never made a wrong decision in her life, especially with the way she keeps going back and forth with where her loyalties should lie. It was nice to see Clarke not act hostile towards him and admit that in this world there are no good guys.

Why should Bellamy be held to such a standard that when he makes one decision that isn't the best, people burn him at the stake while other characters screw up way worse and no one cares. It's a cycle that needs to be broken because no one hates Bellamy more than he hates himself and someone needs to be in his corner right now. The lack of people who were there for him is the reason Pike convinced him to join his side in the first place.

Paul: She's totally right. It's a kill-or-be-killed type of world now, and if she and her group didn't kill, they'd he dead now. It sucks, but that's the harsh reality of it.

Octavia decided to stay with the group and help them take down ALIE. Were you surprised by her decision? What will the group dynamic be like now that she's sticking around?

Meg: I was thrilled! She does belong with the 100. Monty was 100% correct. Lincoln was her people but he was part of the 100 too. That's where she needs to be and I am very happy to have her back. If she had just left after Monty killed his mom to save her, she'd be a jerk. She needs to help her friends because they would give up everything for her.

Allison: Dude, if she didn't stay after what Monty did for her, I would have been so upset. Monty helped Octavia realize that just because she feels like she doesn't fit in with Skaikru doesn't mean that she doesn't have a family in the hundred.

I'm hoping we see relationships start to mend and be repaired. There's been a lot of tension among the hundred, and now, they are all on the same side fighting together. It will take some re-adjusting, and people will have to work on forgiving each other.

Kelly: Not surprised at all. The show has finally got our little group back together. The dynamic will be the same as it always has: Clarke and Bellamy making decisions for everyone while Raven and Octavia have much better ideas and rebel against Bell and Clarke.

Yana: I didn't care. I think Octavia has spent so much time trying to fit in here and there and nowhere that at this point nothing she says makes sense to me.

Paul: I was so happy with her decision. All of my favorite characters keep being pulled apart, so it's great that it looks like they're sticking together for the foreseeable future.

Who was the MVP of this episode?

Meg: Raven!!! Even after her heated scenes with everyone she was big enough to apologize even though it wasn't her fault.  After all of that, she still wanted to join the fight to stop ALIE. She is in pain, she is tired and injured, yet she keeps pushing on when most people would give up. MVP for sure.

Allison: I'm going to give it to the hundred. They all had a lot to work through. Like I said before, they have been fighting on different sides, but they had to push past that in order to save Raven. They came together, and they got the job done.

Kelly: How can Raven not be the MVP? This episode rested solely on her shoulders and she killed it. This proves that there needs to be much more Raven in every episode.

Yana: The whole delinquent gang. Raven was the star but the way she interacted with everyone else helped push them to a new high as well.

Paul: I have to go with the whole gang. The way they all came together, discounting their differences in order to save one of their own, was thrilling. It helped course-correct the series, and it looks like we're in for an intriguing final part of the season.

Be sure to tune in for The 100 Season 3 Episode 12, and in the mean time, check out these preview images from that episode below!

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The 100 Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

You were hurting and you lashed out, because that's what you do. There are consequences, Bell. People get hurt. People die. Your people. Monroe's dead. Lincoln is dead.


Bellamy: What do you do when you realize you might not be the good guy?
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