Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should Hope Reunite With Aiden?

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Hope had a dream that brought back some surprising faces from her past, Kate set Nicole up to take a fall, and Steve, Kayla and Joey finally reconnected on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Villa281 and Silvananoir1 from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Hope giving Aiden a second chance, what Deimos will do once he resurfaces and their favorite moments from the week in Salem. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite part of Hope’s dream?

Jack: Zack! Grown-up Zack having the heart-to-heart with his mom that she was robbed of when he died so young made tears come to my eyes.

Silvananoir1:  Bo. It's always nice to see Peter Reckell make an appearance and his chemistry with Kristen is amazing. Their scenes shined throughout the entire show and really did a great job paying tribute to how Bo uplifted Hope while still allowing her to be her own person. She got to forgive herself for her guilt, let go of her pain and anger and finally remember the good times with Bo.

Villa281: Her and Bo dancing to Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You. I was so mad back in November that they did not use that song for the montage right before Bo died.

Christine: I never expected to see Peter Reckell again as Bo so it was such a nice surprise. I really felt as though fans got cheated when he died so quickly. I was happy to see him back for Hope’s dream. 

What do you think about Hope going back to Aiden?

Jack: I am cautiously excited. Excited because I love Hope/Aiden and can't stand Hope/Rafe and cautious because the writers very clearly have an agenda of destroying Aiden's character to further Hope and Rafe's relationship instead of letting the characters dictate the story. I don't want to see any more character assassination nor do I want a repeat of the awful Nicole/Eric story with Hope/Aiden. However, I will take whatever Haiden moments I can get.

Silvananoir1: It's ridiculous. Barring the fact that he didn’t try to kill her, yes we know it he chickened out at the end but he was planning on doing it, this is still the father of the boy who raped her daughter. It's the face of the person who tried to kill her. I don't understand what Hope is thinking. Especially when we know that Aidan is going to try to get Chase out of prison sooner rather than later.

Villa281: Honesty, I am not to invested in either pairing, but honestly if it was that much of dilemma than neither man is probably right for her. 

Christine: I’m so tired of this merry-go-round I’m considering dropping the entire show. They made me care for Aiden then turned him into a liar who, Silvananoir1 is right, did consider actually killing Hope instead of stepping up and coming clean. I think Rafe and Hope could be a great couple if given the chance but the show doesn’t seem to want to go that way. I’ve really had enough of everything concerning Hope which is sad since she’s always been one of my favorite characters. 

When Deimos comes back, whose story do you think he will back, Nicole’s or Kate’s?

Jack: I think he will back Nicole. The flashbacks he had made me think that he is in "love" with who he thinks Nicole is and has no respect for Kate.

Silvananoir1: Kate in the beginning. After all she tried to kill him, has forged a marriage certificate, and now has claimed not only the mansion but the entire Kiriakis fortune. Now if Deimos never came back she'd probably leave it to Lucas, Philip and her other children. But Deimos has to deal with her before he can move on to Nicole.

Villa281: I think Kate just because he seemed to genuinely have feelings of Nicole, and would be the most hurt by her betrayal.

Christine: You know what? I just don’t care. This storyline is horrible. Why does every storyline with Nicole or Kate have to surround a man?

Deimos and Kate - Days of Our Lives

Are Kayla and Steve finally getting back together? Do you want them to be a couple again?

Jack: I hope so. This Fynn nonsense has been ridiculous and so have Kayla's flimsy excuses for not being with Steve.

Silvananoir1: I believe they are and I like them together. The best soap couples are balancing forces on each other, understanding of each others natures, and do share some great similarities. I love Patch and Kayla and can't wait for them to truly reunite.

Villa281: Steve and Kayla are probably my favorite couple, but I would like to see Kayla temporarily involved with someone else just because we really never have unless you count Shane when she thought Steve was dead. My dream storyline would be for David Banning (Kayla's first love and Julie'son) to return to Salem, and finally show interest in her and regret not being interested in her back in the day.

Christine: I liked it best when Steve and Kayla were working together to thwart Ava. Kayla’s complete 180 makes little sense and I’m so tired of listening to her bash Steve for her son’s bad choices. I hope this separation story arc is over and they can all move on as a family. Or better yet, send Joey off to college and we can just concentrate on Steve and Kayla again. 

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Jack: JJ must still be lying on that hotel room floor. It's been almost a full two weeks since the cliffhanger of Rory punching him! His mom is also MIA and has been since her special episode. Continuity is a nice thing; the writers need to learn that. Also, I would have much rather seen Nicole confide in Rafe than Dario, especially after the insane chemistry I saw in their tiny scene the other day. Plus Aiden should have been Nicole's lawyer, not got involved in Kate's nonsense. The drama of Rafe and Aiden having to try to be professional would have been must see TV.

Silvananoir1: The Fynn story. I was never that invested in it. I get what the show was trying to do, but it was more annoying than anything else and I'm glad we're moving on. Nothing against the actor but the character was completely wasted.

Villa281: The biggest dissappointment for me is how much they underutilize certain characters I am invested in like Shawn-Douglas, Lucas, J.J., and Gabi just to name a few.

Christine: I agree that they are woefully underutilizing certain characters. Jennifer, JJ and Gabi have been MIA for weeks! How can we invest in these stories if we hardly ever see them on screen. Instead they give silly storylines like Nicole/Deimos/Kate and Fynn/Kayla lots of screen time and it’s really disheartening. 

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline of the week?

Jack: I loved Roman standing up to Kate! It's great to see him have a brain for once. 

Silvananoir1: Though there were small problems with it, the highlight of the week was the entire Hope episode. It was a thrilling watch and a great tribute to a legacy character. It felt like Hope was back on the road to being herself again.

Villa281: Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You, but I would like to give honorable mention to the Zack scenes. I was really impressed with the actor who played Zack, not only is he good looking but was totally natural on screen. I think the show needs to cast him for another role. Did anyone else notice he kind of looks like a brunette Jensen Ackles.

Christine: I enjoyed all of the Hope and Bo flashbacks but I hate that it was all a set up to lead Hope back to Aiden. I, too, enjoyed Roman interrogating Kate as she declared her great love for Deimos. Roman: A couple months ago it was Clyde, a couple months before that…I don’t know. I get confused.

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