Days of Our Lives Round Table: Will Maggie & Victor Survive?

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Everyone was on the hunt for Abigail, Maggie kicked Victor out, and Kate tried to thwart Deimos return to Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Oquossoc from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate the Devereaux’s distrust of Chad, what’s Philip Kiriakis’ future and if Victor and Maggie’s marriage can survive.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Are Jennifer and JJ right to distrust Chad?

Jack: Yes! While Chad is generally trustworthy, he has explicitly stated he will hide Abigail from JJ and Jennifer should he find her first and that he plans to use his ability to break the law to do so. It's very clear he's not thinking straight and that he sees the rest of Abby's family as the "enemy" right now.

Oquossoc: Maybe it isn't entirely unreasonable, but I think they are a bit quick to turn on him when clearly he has been very supportive - more than Jennifer has been for instance.

Christine: I’m surprised that they don’t trust Chad more. His goal isn’t to keep Abby from them but to make sure she doesn’t end up locked up in a state facility. If I were in Jennifer’s shoes, I’d be working with Chad to try and find Abby and keep her somewhere safe and get her help until they can cut her a deal. 

JJ Doesn't Trust Chad - Days of Our Lives

What would you like to see happen next for Philip Kiriakis?

Jack: I'd like Philip to cut out the drinking. Maybe Lucas can get him to an AA meeting now that Jennifer seems to have been magically cured. He needs to stop being the Dario of the Kiriakis family and figure out what he actually wants out of life and start going after it.

Oquossoc: He should realize he dodged a major bullet with Belle and has a new lease on life. Most people don't get such a lucky break on this show.

Christine: I wish the show would remember that Philip was a military veteran who had his leg amputated. He was never perfect, but he was a good guy and a hero. What happened to that guy? This version of Philip is like a totally different character. 

Will Deimos get revenge or will Kate thwart his plans?

Jack: I hope that Kate will lose in the end, but I'm expecting twists and turns and plans being thwarted in the meantime.

Oquossoc: With Kate turning to Andre, it certainly would seem to be setting up an interesting confrontation. I'd hesitate to place bets.

Christine: I don’t really care about Kate or Deimos. I just hope that Nicole can figure out a way to come out on top. 

Do you believe that Nicole has truly changed?

Jack: Absolutely. Nicole began to change after Eric took her into the church. She had a setback after he accused her of rape, but Daniel's belief in her helped, and the worst thing she's done in the last few years is shred some papers that Eric claimed not to care about in the first place. Her problem is that she listens too much to other people's low opinions of her. That's what drove her to shred those papers and that's what's driving her behavior now, and it'll really be a shame if she un-changes because Kate doesn't expect any better of her.

Oquossoc: Yes, but not necessarily in the way people think. She's a really interesting character.

Christine: Yes! She’s come so far, I just wish she had enough self esteem to not care about what other people think of her and that other characters would give her a lot more credit. The Nicole-bashing has gotten really old. 

Will Victor and Maggie survive as a couple?

Jack: I hope so. I think the fact that they were actually communicating, even if it was painful, is a good sign. They both need to figure out how to relate to each other given their changed circumstances. Victor is not the only one frustrated by what Deimos did -- Maggie's inability to be fully independent because of her injuries is also playing a role here and all of it needs to be addressed.

Oquossoc: I'm not sure.. Victor will need to be able to change but it certainly doesn't seem he is interested in that right now. It was interesting that after his fight with Maggie, he headed straight to Caroline.

Christine: They’d better! Victor and Maggie are one of my favorite couples. Victor needs to realize that when he hates people whom Maggie loves, he’s hurting her. I hope they find a way to work through their problems because they really are good together. 

Kate Worries About Deimos - Days of Our Lives

What disappointed you this week in Salem?

Jack: That they're going for round two of destroying Aiden's character when they could have had a very moving PTSD storyline and a legitimate love triangle. Also, Chloe should not be jealous of Nicole's relationship with Deimos, and Nicole's name needs to be cleared already -- enough of this nonsense. And did Steve and Kayla get lost on their way back from LA? Because they've been MIA for a few weeks.

Oquossoc: Nothing, it was a pretty good week.

Christine: Victor going after Theresa. I think she’s earned some respect from him. If it were Hope threatening to off someone for going after her kid, Victor would help her bury the body but when it’s Theresa, he belittles and tries to shame her. I like Victor but I hated the way he treated Theresa this week. 

What was your favorite quote, scene, or story from this week on Days of Our Lives?

Jack: I was thrilled to see JJ actually have something worthwhile to do! I loved him telling off that idiot guard. I also liked Theresa standing up to Victor and telling him if he hurt her baby she'd off him. That should have gotten his respect, not his condemnation!

Oquossoc:  I really liked Monday's episode, which had an interesting focus on failed connections and a sort of alienation from each other. Rather than disparate storylines, it was sort of like one theme playing out in different ways throughout the episode.

Christine: I loved that Nicole and Chloe are still friends but I hope that this nonsense with Deimose doesn’t muck it up. 

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