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Did Willis manage to get his patient to make the right decision?

That was his plan on Code Black Season 2 Episode 2 when a soccer player was seriously injured in a bus crash with life-altering injuries. 

Meanwhile, the team found it difficult to diagnose a transgender patient who was hesitant to confirm she was transgender, but one member of the team helped diagnose the patient. 

Use the video above to watch Code Black online to get caught up with the latest developments on this CBS medical drama series that continues to improve with age. 

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Code Black Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Jesse: Wake up and smell the estrogen.
Mario: She's trans? But you examined the pelvis, how did you not know she was a dude?
Elliot: Because she's not a dude. She's a woman, dude.
Jesse: You tell him, Sugarbear.

Leanne: Let me tell you something about that girl. She finished top of her class. Her film career didn't do that for her. She did. She has a brilliant brain. She has a big heart.
Ethan: Maybe I'm just used to military protocol.
Leanne: She's not in the military. She's a first year resident, which means she's not ready for the consequences of a mistake like that.
Ethan: None of us are.