Scandal Season 6 Poster: What Does It Mean?!?

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It's been a long wait, you guys, but Scandal Season 6 premieres in just 52 days!

Yeah, that's still a bit off, but with Christmas and New Year just around the corner, it will fly past. 

The kind folks over at ABC have now unveiled the official poster for the new season, but what the heck does it mean?

Have a look below:

Scandal Season 6 Poster

We already knew after the way Scandal Season 5 concluded that there was going to be a change in power, but it's certainly ominous the way it's worded on the poster. 

Maybe the shift in power will go a way we never thought was possible, or something. 

This is Scandal and part of the DNA of the show is to shock audiences, so we best buckle up for another season of crazy shocks. 

The show will span 16-episodes this year due to the late start in production, and that will likely result in a more coherent, tighter storyline that will help us forgive the long wait. 

If you recall, Mellie was one of the candidates for POTUS, but if the Season 6 trailer is anything to go by, she probably won't be making her way back into the White House. 

Why Is Fitz Here? - Scandal Season 5 Episode 17

Oh, and there was some sort of exploding shed in the trailer, too. 

Have a look at the trailer again:

It looks like it's going to be a wild ride. Right?

On a more serious note, can Olivia please find a way to get rid of her father? 

I'm not talking bashing his head in with a chair, or anything.

Just find a way to have it that he never appears on screen again. 

Papa Pope Means Business - Scandal Season 4 Episode 22

Oh, and never mention B613 again, either. 

Totally over that storyline. 

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What do you think about the poster?

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