Days of Our Lives Round Table: Are Eric and Jennifer Over?

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Jennifer broke things off with Eric, Nicole got Holly back for all of a hot minute, and the castaways made if off the island this week on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Sportsgirl and Fluffysmom from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to discuss the castaways return, multiple breakups, and which couples make better friends than lovers in Salem. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Jennifer and Eric broke up. Were you rooting for them? Are you hoping they get back together or would you rather see Eric with Nicole?

Jack: I have mixed feelings about this. I was over Eric and Nicole a long time ago. Eric was verbally abusive to Nicole for far too long and was worse towards her than Daniel was, yet fans give him more of a pass.

But if written right their reunion could be a good, soapy story. I liked Eric with Jennifer but I think them being friends instead won't cause a loss of any of the reasons I liked them.

Sportsgirl: I loved Jenn and Eric. They had such an open and honest relationship. I loved the slow burn between them. I am really hoping they return to that once Eric is sure that his feelings for Nicole are only as a friend.

Fluffysmom: I'm hoping that Eric and Jennifer get together. She deserves to be happy. The document shredding and the aftermath ruined Eric and Nicole for me.

Christine: I always thought that Eric and Nicole were meant to be, but the show really trashed their relationship before Eric left. Still, they could redeem them if they tried.

I like Eric and Jennifer because they’re one of the few honest, mature couples on the show, but I don’t always feel the passion there.

Honestly, I could probably get behind either couple if the show could refrain from breaking them apart every couple of weeks. 

Jennifer Finds the Letters - Days of Our Lives

Was Sonny right to fire the 50 employees Deimos hired at Titan?

Jack: No. I think he was being petty and overly ruthless. First he should have found out whether those employees did anything vital to the business and exactly what their ties to Deimos were.

Sportsgirl: I don't agree with Sonny's decision. I am with Justin and Paul on this. Some of these people might have been really good people and employees.

Playing with people's lives should be taken more serious and as Justin suggested, he should have taken the time to vet them.

Fluffysmom: Sonny shouldn't have rushed to fire all of those employees. Most of them were probably loyal to Titan not Deimos. Group layoffs make the remaining employees insecure and lower morale.

Christine: Sonny could have done more research on those employees, which would have been smarter and kinder.

The only point I’ll give him is that when the fallout hits about Deimos involvement in the drug trade, he can say that everyone associated with Deimos was let go from Titan. From a PR perspective, that is the easiest fix. 

Jade Posts a Video - Days of Our Lives

Do Theo and Claire have a future? Do you want them to have one?

Jack: They could have a future if they get past the trust issues on both sides. I like them as a couple. Theo seems to soften Claire, and now that she's lost the self-absorption she seems to be good for him as well.

Sportsgirl: I am not in favor of Theo & Claire. Claire forced this relationship because she was so jealous of Ciara. Neither is ready for anything so serious. Maybe in a few years?

Fluffysmom: I'm not sure if Theo and Claire have a future or if I want them to. I'm glad that Claire gave Theo the letter. If they try to work things out they won't have any secrets this time.

Christine: Maybe. Theo and Claire are a realistic young couple going through a lot of growing pains. I’m actually enjoying them more than I expected. 

Chad Agrees to Divorce Abigail - Days of Our Lives

Does Abigail have the right to be mad at Chad for moving on with Gabi, when she’s marrying Dario?

Jack: No. I thought that was the most hypocritical and senseless thing she's done yet. She asked him to sign the divorce papers, then cried because he obliged. She can't have it both ways like that.

Sportsgirl: Not at all. Yes, she can be upset about it, but not angry with Chad. She was divorcing him so he can get together with Gabi.

Her marriage to Dario is a sham and she is keeping the truth a secret from Chad. Why would he think any different than what she wants is Dario?

Fluffysmom: Abigail has no right to be mad at Chad. Although in her mind she's helping a friend whereas Chad and Gabi have had feelings for each other for awhile. I'm sure she feels like she was right all along about Chad and Gabi. 

Chad does have a right to be concerned if she's rushing into getting married, since they are sharing custody of Thomas. Abigail doesn't seem to think it's any of Chad's business how quickly she marries Dario.

Christine: Abigail has manufactured her own self-fulfilling prophecy. She kept telling Chad and Gabi they should be together and now they are together. Chad would have fought for their marriage if she had let him, so getting angry because he signed the divorce papers she herself filed was ridiculous. 

Then Abigail was shocked that Chad wondered how long she’d been sleeping with Dario. Well, what does she want him to think? She’s marrying the guy the moment their divorce papers are finalized. Since Chad knows nothing about the immigration issues, believing she was having an affair seem like a logical conclusion.

Love On the Island - Days of Our Lives

Which couple in Salem is together now but you think makes better friends than lovers?

Jack: Most of them. Paul and Sonny, Hope and Rafe, and Chad and Gabi are on the top of the list.

Sportsgirl: Rafe and Hope. They made great friends and colleagues, but to me they make a lousy couple. The writers keep trying to force them on the fans.

Fluffysmom: I'd rather see Hope and Rafe as friends and colleagues than lovers. I don't feel any chemistry between them.

Christine: I thought Hope and Rafe had potential but there’s no chemistry there. They make better friends than lovers.

And whatever chemistry existed between Sonny and Paul seems to have evaporated since Sonny returned, which makes them feel like their in the friend zone. 

Brady, Holly, and Nicole - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Jack: JJ didn't get any homecoming and was the only one who didn't get a hug from John and Marlena. The island story was resolved in a blink of an eye, too, so that the show could get on to the business of celebrating Chad and Gabi's relationship.

Sportsgirl: I thought the whole Nicole, Chloe and Holly story would finally be over. Well I was wrong. The judge gave that dumb idea of putting Holly in a foster home. Why not Maggie? 

Fluffysmom: I'm disappointed that JJ didn't get any welcome home scenes. He should have had a scene with Jennifer. It would have been nice to see a scene with Sonny reunited with his parents.

Christine: That Nicole finally got Holly back only to have her taken away once again. Where is the rule that says Nicole can never be happy?

I also hated how Marlena treated Claire. Instead of being understanding and supportive, she was harsh and judgmental. 

And this Tripp gets revenge against Kayla story makes me want to change the channel. I used to like Tripp, and now I want to skip over all of his scenes. 

Tripp's Revenge - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or story from this week on Days of Our Lives?

Jack: I loved all things Andre, from coordinating the color of his tie to Kate's dress color to standing up to Gabi and not really caring that she's naive and stupid enough to think she can win against him, or that her claim that Chad and Kate will be mad holds any water with him. 

I also really liked Claire and Marlena's scenes.

Sportsgirl: Not such a great week in my opinion, but I really admired the scene between Jennifer & Eric where she told him they should just be friends. I wasn't happy about it, but it was well scripted & well acted. Missy Reeves killed that scene and had me in tears.

Fluffysmom: I'm happy that the castaways were rescued. The story wrapped up all of a sudden which may or may not have been a rewrite. Either way I'm glad they are back in Salem.

Christine: As much as I’m not always crazy about this new, power hungry version of Sonny, I did love his interaction with Victor in this Days of Our Lives quote

Victor: You know you scared the hell out of me.
Sonny: You know when that plane crashed on the island and we were stranded there, and the person that I love morphed into a psychopathic killer, you know what I was thinking, Uncle Vic? I kept saying to myself, 'I hope this doesn’t upset Uncle Victor.'
Victor: Hell, I'm glad to hear that you're still a smart ass.
Sonny: I love you too.

Sonny Drops In On Victor - Days of Our Lives

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