UnREAL Shocker: Season 4 Episode Order Cut!

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Once upon a time, UnREAL was a fresh, thrilling and downright exciting summer TV show. 

But then the UnREAL Season 2 rolled around and destroyed the show we loved, and it became a chore to get through.

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Armed with a new showrunner (Stacy Rukeyser), the show was expected to return for Season 3 earlier this year, but then came the news that it had been delayed until 2018.

There's a certain curiosity factor that comes from a show being worked on by a new showrunner. With the sophomore slump well and truly behind it, would it be able to right the ship?

With Season 3 tentatively scheduled to premiere in 2018, more bad news has come from the show. Season 4 will run for a truncated run of just eight episodes

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Obviously, it's good to know there will be a Season 4, but without knowing the ins and outs of what is going on behind the scenes that paved the way for Lifetime to shave two episodes off the episode order. 

TV Line confirmed the news, while noting that the network declined to comment on the news. 

With the backlash to Season 2, the show is aiming to recapture some of its former glory by pressing on with a female suitor named Selina. 

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That will change the dynamics up somewhat as the characters will need to change up their tactics to manipulate the contestants. 

Caitlin Fitzgerald is tapped to appear as the show's new suitor in what will likely be a season-long arc. 

What do you think about this news?

Will you be watching the new season?

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UnREAL Quotes

Warren: What am I supposed to do? This is my life.
Quinn: I make TV, Warren. Life’s not my problem.
Warren: Maybe it should be, cuz getting mercy slammed by a contestant half your age, that’s just sad.

Welcome back to reality, Rachel.