Days of Our Lives Round Table: Choose Your Favorite Salem Wedding!

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Abe was sprung from jail, while Adrienne remained in prison, and Hattie just might be headed back to one after this week’s Days of Our Lives. 

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Wendylou and Sportsgirl from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to choose their favorite Salem weddings, and discuss Abe’s innocence, Nicole getting Holly back, and someone finally figuring out the Marlena/Hattie connection this week on Days of Our Lives. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

What was the last big wedding you enjoyed on Days of Our Lives?

Wendylou: I’m not sure about a big wedding; they don't seem to do those anymore, but the last wedding I enjoyed was probably Will and Sonny's.

Jack: It's been such a long time since they've had a real wedding. I wish I could have enjoyed Hope and Aiden's instead of the nonsense with turning Aiden into a murderer. 

Will and Sonny's was probably the last great wedding. It brought tears to my eyes when Marlena pronounced them husbands for life and I wish it had stayed that way.

Sportsgirl: Wow, tough question. It was a long time ago but when I think of a wedding, I think of Bo and Hope in New Orleans. It was so beautiful.

Christine: They just don’t do big weddings any more, probably because of the budget constraints, and it’s sad. 

The last wedding I really enjoyed was Will and Sonny’s. It had real heart to it and brought the families together. 

The big wedding I remember really loving was Kimberly and Shane’s. I always rooted for that couple and Kim’s dress was beautiful. 

Abe Reunites With Theo - Days of Our Lives

Did you ever doubt Abe’s innocence? Were you surprised that Theo did?

Wendylou: No and no.

Jack: Not for a second. Even with their recent obsession with character assassination, I didn't think Days would dare turn Salem's most honest citizen into a counterfeiter and murderer. 

I wasn't surprised Theo bought it, though. His Autism probably makes it difficult for him to realize when people are lying or that his dad might be breaking rules for the greater good.

Sportsgirl: There was no way I believed it was Abe. Honest Abe would never do something like that. Theo is still young and as much as he didn't want to doubt him, he found it hard to believe he would be arrested if there wasn't a chance he was actually guilty.

Christine: I never really thought Abe was guilty, although done well, that could have been an interesting twist.

I was a little surprised that Theo was so quick to believe his father was guilty, but as Jack pointed out, his Autism could have easily played a role in that. 

Nicole Gets Holly - Days of Our Lives

What is the best thing about Nicole finally getting Holly back?

Wendylou: Hopefully this will be the end of Nicole's incessant crying and whining. She's become so annoying. I have a feeling she'll find something else to whine about though.

Jack: That baby is adorable! Also no more crying over the fact that she lost Holly.

Sportsgirl: Nicole finally getting Holly back means she can be a real mom, not just one in name only. She has always wanted to be one, and finally that will happen.

Christine: Nicole definitely deserves to be a real mom, and I’m thrilled to see the end to the crying. It’s given me a headache. 

Hattie Sets Up Andre - Days of Our Lives

Who did you think would first suspect there was something wrong with “Marlena” and figure out it was Hattie?

Wendylou: Wow, I'm not sure, but I honestly thought many people should have noticed it who didn’t, and I can't believe it took so long. It really seems like John and Eric should have known it wasn't Marlena.

Jack: I thought Paul or Eric would realize they were not talking to their mom/stepmom. I thought for sure Andre was aware Hattie was not Marlena and was playing along for his own purposes.

Sportsgirl: I did think it would be Hope. She is the only one that had any recent dealings with Hattie and knew how much Hattie liked Mr. Roman.

Christine: I really thought Eric would realize that something was very wrong, but it made sense that Hope put the pieces together given she had the most recent dealings with Hattie. 

Tripp Apologizes to Kayla - Days of Our Lives

Which time was Kayla in the right? In turning down Tripp’s donation to the hospital, or in taking it, and why?

Wendylou: I think she was right in accepting it, but only if she's uses the money to upgrade Salem Hospital's security, including patient records. It's absurd that Tripp was able to access and changed the patient's records so easily.

Jack: Neither decision was really right because donations should be approved by the board. But not taking it didn't hurt Tripp, it hurt all the people whose lives could be saved by additional funding for the hospital. 

Besides, it's a bit hypocritical not to take Vitali money because it's "blood money" when Victor Kiriakis is a major donor to the hospital!

Sportsgirl: Actually I wonder why it is even Kayla's job to deal with donations. But suspending disbelief, accepting the money was right. It was a lot of money that the hospital could really use and as Steve said, at this point the money is Tripp’s and he wants to do the right thing.

Christine: I found her whole “blood money” reason for turning it down ridiculous. How the Vitali’s made the money can’t be changed, and Tripp did nothing wrong in accepting his inheritance. If he’s willing to use it to do some good, then let him!

And to add to Jack's point, Salem University Hospital has taken both Kiriakis and Dimera money and had people from both families on its board. Is taking Vitali money really any different?

Roman Restraints Andre - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Wendylou: Oh man, so much. I'm so tired of seeing Eric pine for Nicole. Ericole is over for me and I don't want to see this. Put him back with Jennifer. 

I'm really disappointed to see mental health institutions portrayed as torture chambers where people are bound, imprisoned and given electro-shock therapy without question.

Jack: JJ should have been at the showdown. He did the work of figuring out Raines was guilty and Abe was part of an undercover operation, and he has a history of success while undercover. Plus it would be far better drama for both Eli and JJ to have been involved in rescuing Gabi. 

I didn't like JJ manhandling Raines, either. Up to this point JJ has been the only cop, other than Abe, to not engage in inappropriate behavior and I want it to stay that way. 

A dishonorable mention goes to everyone in town who believes Bonnie is Adrienne given her bizarre not-in-character behavior, and more nonsense at the prison.

Sportsgirl: The whole Bonnie/Adrienne story disappoints me. It is especially hurting Lucas and he doesn't deserve this. It breaks my heart seeing his hurt. I just want to give him a big hug!

Christine: Nicole getting Holly back just makes me wish she weren’t paired with Brady all the more. I wish she were a strong single-mom. That’s a story I’d like to see for her, but it doesn’t appear that it’s going to happen. 

Raines Holds Gabi Hostage - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Wendylou: Definitely the very last scene where Hope showed up at Hattie's hotel room. Although, Hope probably should't have gone alone. She may end up in a straight jacket at Bayview too.

Jack: I loved JJ telling Abe that he was a "rock star." I'm much more interested in seeing JJ have a relationship with Abe than with Abe's daughter! And it was a nice reference to Casey Moss' real-life other career as a rock musician. 

I also was thrilled that someone finally figured out that Hattie was not who she claimed to be, and the whole sequence with the press conference was fun. 

Sportsgirl: I enjoyed seeing Nicole finally getting Holly back. She has been waiting so long and now Nicole can feel complete. I would have preferred it though, if they hadn't inserted Eric or even Brady into the scene. 

Christine: I was happy that Gabi wasn’t some helpless wallflower when Raines was holding her. It was more fun seeing her trying to fight back. I was also happy she shut Rafe down when he started berating Eli for shooting Raines. 

Andre being “committed” and coming face to face with John and Marlena was also a fun twist. It was the first time I’d actually enjoyed this silly storyline. 

Now it's your turn TV Fanatics! Which Days of Our Lives wedding was your favorite?

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