Rosehaven Season 2 Premieres TONIGHT: Why You Should Watch

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Rosehaven Season 1 premiered on SundanceTV on September 27. 

If you missed it, well, it's only one month later and Rosehaven Season 2, co-produced by SundanceTV and Australian Broadcasting Corporation, airs beginning tonight.

Imagine if you had the opportunity to work with your best friend doing what you love for a living. That's what comedians Luke McGregor and Celia Pacquola are doing as Daniel McCallum and his best friend, Emma, on Rosehaven.

Rosehaven S2-1

Once upon a time, we were limited to very few international television viewing options.

And those options were narrowed even more by location. We'd see Canadian imports passed off as original broadcast and cable programming and shows from the United Kingdom airing on BBC America or PBS.

Most of the other programming we didn't even know originated from foreign lands because instead of airing it outright, Hollywood thought they could do better by transferring the entire landscape to the United States (ironically usually by way of Canada), and we'd miss the flavor of the originals.

Thankfully, those days have (somewhat) passed, and some of the best television we have the chance to watch in these United States comes to us from around the world.

Rosehaven, hailing from Australia, is one such gem.

SundanceTV has been doing a brilliant job bringing to the States myriad programming from across the pond and down under, and this is only the first of many we'll be making a point to send your way.

Rosehaven David

My apologies for the late notice, but you can watch the entirety of Rosehaven Season 1 on their website and while I don't think missing the origin story will distract from your enjoyment of the new episodes, they're so enjoyable and funny, you don't want to miss them.

The gist of the story is simple. Shortly after Emma's wedding, David heads home to rural Tasmania from the mainland to help out his rather acrid mother.

When disaster strikes Emma's personal life, she pops in for an open-ended visit bringing along her mainland charm and fish out of water ways to David's rather "quaint" hometown.

Rosehaven Emma

With Emma's addition, the two go about painting the town with color it hasn't seen in quite some time.

While David tries to fit into a town far more accepting of the likes of his mother than him, and keep his cool around the woman who broke his heart, Emma, completely oblivious to small-town social mores, dives into it head first to make a go at a new life of her own.

McGregor and Pacquola are magical together on screen, and Emma is my new role model for living. She may not always win, but she never stops trying.

Rosehaven Cast

The series is warm and silly and unexpected, and SundanceTV made the right decision not only bringing it to the US, but co-producing additional seasons. I'm keeping my fingers crossed this one continues as long as McGregor and Pacquola want to make it.

Rosehaven airs Wednesday nights at 11/10c only on SundanceTV.

This is one best left in Tasmania, so watch it now before some Hollywood big wig gets a crazy idea to try and reinvent the wheel in the USA!

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