Midnight, Texas Renewed for Season 2! Who Won't Return?

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The supernatural summer smash is a go for another season!

That's right, Midnight, Texas Season 2 has been announced at NBC. There are a couple catches, though.

Former series regulars Sarah Ramos and Yul Vasquez will not be returning in the same capacity as their duties during Midnight, Texas Season 1.

Midnight's Power Couple - Midnight, Texas Season 1 Episode 8

Additionally, Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder who were consulting producers during the show's first season will take over as executive producers new showrunners for the upcoming season.

If you recall, Ramos played Creek Lovell, one of the few humans without powers in Midnight and the sister of a mass murderer, as it turned out. 

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By the end of the first season, her entire family was in tatters, and her world was shattered. Even though she was in a relationship with newcomer and psychic Manfred, her current situation left her with few alternatives.

Vasquez played the Rev, and although his character seemed a perfect fit for a town steeped in supernatural mysteries, Vasquez was never given the material to make a mark upon the series.

Preparing for Battle - Midnight, Texas Season 1 Episode 7

If budgetary issues are a concern, their characters are two who could easily slip to the side without consequence.

that said, there is also hope they will return to reprise their roles as guest stars. At the very least, this could give their stories some closure.

If you watch Midnight, Texas online, you know it is based upon a book series by Charlaine Harris about a town where the strange make up the town and the outsiders are those who would otherwise be considered "normal."

Fiji Spits Fire - Midnight, Texas

That makes it a perfect safe haven for the odd people of the world to seek refuge.

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“I am stoked at the prospect of a second season of Midnight, Texas,” Harris said. “I can’t wait to revisit my favorite town to discover what its inhabitants have been up to the past few months. Now the viewers, who’ve been asking me questions daily, will have their reward.”

The cast includes Francois Arnaud, Dylan Bruce, Parisa Fitz-Henley, Arielle Kebbel and Peter Mensah.

What do you think Fanatics? Are you, too, stoked that Midnight, Texas is poised to return?

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What are your hopes for Season 2? Are you concerned about the characters who won't be regulars any longer? 

Hit the comments and share your thoughts with us!!

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Olivia: Fiji, why aren't you jumping already?
Fiji: That's not what I was thinking. I was admiring his cooking techniques. And don't make that dirty.

Xylda: You'll be safe in Midnight.
Manfred: That would mean a whole lot more coming from someone who wasn't dead.