Days of Our Lives Round Table: Is Nicole Really Dead?

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Chloe figured out Bonnie’s scheme, Nicole perished in the fire…or did she? And Abigail married Stefan!

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Kathy and Trey from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate if Nicole’s really dead, what Chloe should do next, and which character they’d like to bring back from the dead?

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

On a scale of 1 (beyond stupid) to 10 (smartest move ever) rate Abigail’s decision to marry Stefan to avoid being committed to a mental institution.

Kathy: I rate Abby’s decision as genius! Her family doesn't believe her when she tells them she feels differently than she did before when the alters took over. Chad, the one person she thought she could depend on, is useless. She has figured out most of Gabi's scheme but is ignored when she tries to alert her family.

I think she feels she can get Stefan to do anything she wants as long as he has hopes that Gabby may return. I hold out hope that JJ will uncover the truth but happy to see Abby take the wheel.

Jack: I’m giving it a 1. Stefan raped Abby once and continues to suffer from the delusion that Gabby is real and will come back to him if only he can trigger another break from reality for Abby.

I agree that she needs to defend herself against being committed to a mental hospital when she's totally sane, but this was the worst possible solution. Hire a lawyer of your own, and fight the commitment battle in court.

Let Stefan show up claiming Gabby is real and see who the judge thinks needs intensive mental health treatment. How hard is that?

Trey: I rate it as a five, depending on how the writers carry out the storyline. On one hand, she was desperate enough to prove that she was not crazy and going back into her altered state. So marrying somebody who can have control of her health and prevent her from being committed is brilliant.

On the other hand, it’s Stefan! He’s not exactly reliable. I fear that even if the truth of the baby’s paternity comes out, he will fight for custody of Chad and Abby’s child just because he can. Either way, I’m interested to see how this will play out.

Christine: A 3. I understand why she did it. Chad and her mother won’t listen to her about how different this is and the only therapist she trusts hasn’t been able to see her.

But Stefan has proven time and again that he can’t be trusted. There’s no way he won’t use this to his advantage and Abigail may find herself in more trouble than she is now.

Trusting The Enemy  (Tall)- Days of Our Lives

What should Chloe do now that she’s figured out the truth about “Baby Bonnie”?

Kathy: I think she should confront Mimi and Belle with the truth. Mimi doesn't want to lose her baby and Belle could lose her career. They may be willing to find a way to get out of this mess without hurting Lucas more than is necessary.

Jack: Start by calling Child Services and report Bonnie's drunken episode along with her suspicions. I know that's too logical for this show but it is really the best thing to do.

Trey: Chloe definitely needs to come forward with the truth. This storyline is beyond ridiculous. I hope that Chloe can reveal the truth sooner rather than later for Lucas‘s sake and so that this story can be resolved. I think Bonnie and Mimi are horrible to allow Lucas to believe the baby is his.

Christine: Tell Lucas! The poor man is already head over heels in love with this child. He needs to know the truth. Then see if they can get a more reliable DNA test.

Finally, I’d love it if this all came out in court where it’s all on the record. Bonnie will be proven a con artist, Mimi might have to admit who the real father is, and everyone can see just how “moral” Belle really is.

Is Nicole Dead? - Days of Our Lives

Is Nicole really dead or do you think Kristen is holding her somewhere, and do you want her back?

Kathy: I'm sure Nicole is not dead. Not sure if Kristen or Xander has her or if she found her own way out.

Jack: I doubt Nicole is really dead. There was nobody and she was trapped in a Dimera lab. I'd like to think she escaped on her own like the strong woman she was before this awful story was written and will someday be back to claim Holly.

I want Nicole as originally written, not this watered down, ruined version of her that bears no resemblance to who Nicole is.

Trey: I think Nicole got out safely, and I hope she’s not really dead. Hey, it’s Salem after all! No one ever truly stays dead. I like Nicole and hope to see her in future storylines.

Christine: I don’t think she’s really dead but I hate the fact that she may miss even more time with the child she desperately loves and waited years to have. Why bother bringing the character back at all just to end up like this.

Paige Thinks She Knows the Truth - Days of Our Lives

If there was one supposedly deceased character that you could bring back for good, who would it be?

Kathy: Jack and Tony are the two I would like to see back. Andre would be my third choice. My dream return would be Isabella.

Jack: I've been begging for them to unkill Paige since the day they had Ben strangle her for no reason whatsoever. It would be nice to have an actual strong woman back in Salem and it would get JJ out of having to choose between amoral Lani and looney Gabi, neither of whom is a viable romantic option for him.

Plus I would love to hear her take on Eve's nonsense. But only if she's written properly -- not if they would write Eve keeping her in line with a lame blackmail threat.

Trey: Great question! I would have to say, Bo Brady. He was always a favorite of mine and Bo and Hope were legendary. Unfortunately, that won’t happen.

I would also bring Eve’s daughter, Paige, back, or Benji back for the sake of Steve and Kayla.

Christine: Jack Devereaux. He was always one of my favorite characters, smart, funny, and self-deprecating. He’s also the only person to really win Jennifer’s heart.

Second is Bo Brady. No one will every replace Bo but I can’t imagine what he’d think about the shell of a woman his fancy face has become.

Keeping Her In Line - Days of Our Lives

Do you think Hattie deserves to go back to prison after helping Roman and John save Marlena?

Kathy: I think Hattie deserves to be set up in a penthouse apartment with a lifetime income for all she has done for John and Roman. They used her and intend to toss her back in prison. I think they see her as a joke rather than as a person.

Jack: Considering that she's been blackmailing them for a month and that's illegal... yes. If she'd cooperated with the plan it would be another story.

Trey: Honestly, I don’t really care what happens to Hattie! While she’s a fun character and provides comic relief, I don’t really care about her one way or another. Maybe Hattie deserves a happy ending For helping John out of an intense situation.

Christine: I think it was ridiculous to spring Hattie from prison, expect her to pretend to be Marlena, and then have her agree to head back to prison. Can the ISA step in and reduce her sentence to time served? There has to be some sort of a deal they can make.

Mimi Panics (Tall) - Days of Our Lives

What, if anything, disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Kathy: I am disappointed that Kate continues to cave to Gabi's demands. Very unlike Kate.

Jack: I can't believe the writers think making Chad oblivious and having Abby marry her rapist instead is a good story! It should be SO EASY to disprove Gabi's lies. I really hope JJ is playing Gabi. If they've made him stupid too after months of refusing to give him a story I'm going to be supremely irritated.

I don't like Nicole being killed off, even temporarily. Don't the writers know any other way to write characters out besides killing them? Her whole return was disappointing but this was the worst.

I would much rather see Sami be helping Lucas than Chloe, but even so -- why does Lucas the former schemer not realize all he has to do is take a video of Bonnie's drunk behavior and that's the end of her bid for custody?

And why is Belle so eager to lie to a judge? I thought she was Ms. Ethical who couldn't rip up an Advance Directive?

Trey: Belle disappoints me the most. Representing Mimi in a fraudulent case against Lucas is one of the worst things she’s done. As a mother and someone who has been removed from family before, she should know to put the baby’s needs and wellbeing ahead of greed.

Plus she’s going against Chloe who supposed to be her best friend for Mimi who used to be a friend but clearly did not stay in contact with her.

Christine: Killing off Nicole and separating her from her beloved child was horrible! What was the point of bringing her back at all?

Mimi has turned out to be just as despicable as her mother. First, she says she regrets not telling Rex she was pregnant and aborting their child, and yet she’s determined to keep his child from him once again. If Rex finds out Mimi is using their child in one of Mimi’s cons, I hope he takes Mimi to court and gets full custody of their child.

Rex and His Baby - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Kathy: I am enjoying Kyle Lowder as Rex. His scenes with Roman, Kate, Lucas and Baby Bonnie have been fun to watch. I wasn't watching a lot when he was Brady so I don't make that connection.

Jack: I'm glad Chloe is onto this Baby Bonnie scheme. Someone with brains! Finally. I also liked Rex putting Kate in her place.

Trey: There was a lot of intense drama and a lot of great things that were well acted this week. It’s hard to pick one. I loved a lot of the drama with the explosion and watching Chloe figure out Bonnie’s plan.

Christine: Thank goodness Chloe has the Salem brain this week and can hopefully put an end to this horrible Baby Bonnie drama. Also, Chloe’s new hairstyle looks amazing! It was a definite favorite for the week. 

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