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Jane Gloriana Villanueva's story will conclude on Jane the Virgin in 2019, but that might not be the end of the franchise. 

Per The Hollywood Reporter, a spinoff of the series is in the works at The CW, and series star Gina Rodriguez will be playing a part behind the scenes if it goes to series. 

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Jane the Virgin showrunner, Jennie Snyder Urman and writer, Valentina Garza are also said to be working on the new series. 

What's more, it will not air as a backdoor pilot during Jane the Virgin Season 5. The CW, in particular, has been known to air backdoor pilots of potential series to gauge the interest from viewers. 

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As far as ratings go, the news is somewhat surprising. Jane the Virgin has never been a heavy hitter, and Jane the Virgin Season 4 averaged just 0.6 million viewers and a 0.2 rating. 

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Despite the soft ratings, the show has been a crown jewel on The CW's slate. It is critically acclaimed and helped the network secure some awards wins. 

Details are scarce about the proposed series, and there's no telling whether it includes any of the show's original cast members. 

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That said, the report does state that it will follow a storyline from the OG series. 

The series joins a development slate that already includes reboots of The 4400, The LA Complex, and GCB. 

It's becoming more difficult for the broadcast networks to reach viewers, so that could explain the knack for spinning off or rebooting proven brands. 

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Shows with built-in fanbases seem to be the way forward for networks nowadays, but the current TV season has proven that networks should be relying as heavily on established brands. 

CBS brought back Murphy Brown, and it has failed to pack a punch in the ratings. The same network has also brought back Magnum P.I. in the form of a reboot, and the ratings have not been up to scratch. 

The success of this spinoff will depend on the fan reaction to Jane the Virgin Season 5. 

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What are your thoughts on a spinoff?

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